Vol III Lesson 20

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #20

December 26, 1990





My dear child, during this season, O’ so many of My people come to Me for consolation.  It is with great joy that I welcome them into My Heart.  So many are in need of My Divine Mercy.  It is this Mercy which I desire all My people to shed on those so much in need.


I call My dear beloved ones to be selfless and to focus on Me in order that they will be able to help their brethren in the Love I have given to them.  My people continue to be so preoccupied with their own spiritual difficulties and their own need for consolation that they miss the door to the opportunity of being selfless.


Do not seek consolation for yourself, for I will always console you when you are in need.  Instead, give consolation to others by desiring to be compassionate, loving, forgiving and peaceful people.  Pray, My dear people!  You have no idea the power of prayer and the need for it in your modern world.  Pray for the peace that men cannot give because of their self-centeredness, vanity and foolish power games.  Pray that you can surrender unto the Will of God tenderly and without struggle.


How I watch My people suffer needlessly because of their desire to control their future.  I, the Son of God, Who became the Son of Man, continue to suffer the wounds man inflicted upon Me.  These are not the physical wounds but the wounds bound to My Heart, wounds of man’s weakness through selfishness, pride, hatred and poisonous dishonesty.  These wounds strap man into solitary confinement, preventing all hopes of freedom for the soul.


Cannot man remove himself from his vain and egotistical ways and live in gratitude to My Father for his life?  Cannot man pray as My Father has taught?  Cannot man practice humble, loving, honest and selfless ways of living to bring peaceful resolutions?


I continue to ask and pray for My people that they will surrender unto Me by simply willing to accept My ways; but when My people say “yes,” and I begin to work many changes in their lives, they withdraw because they seek consolation first, before acceptance of My Will. They are addicted to their way of life, which must be centered around themselves, instead of God.  Even My many who love My Father and are committed to following the rules of the Church, follow them centered around their own life and spiritual journey, which must be filled with consolation and the fullness of joy.


I am asking for selflessness and complete openness to God at all times, not only when it serves to address your needs and grant you consolation and joy.  Look beyond yourself and at what My Father is doing for you, or what you think He should be doing for others!  Be selfless!  Pray for selflessness, and the grace shall be granted to you; but know that selflessness is a grace granted on My Father’s terms, not yours!  Know you shall be provided for, and your willingness to be open shall be your consolation in surrendering to the goodness of God.


I bless you, My people, and desire complete unity for you.  I speak only words of Truth for your salvation.  Do not cover your ears, but open your hearts and minds to the fullness of the Word, for the Word became Flesh for your sake—to grant freedom in order that you would be able to share in My Divinity and live in the bliss of My Kingdom.  Peace to you,  My people.  Peace through the means of God.