Vol III Lesson 21

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #21

January 9, 1991





My dear child, the time is at hand when there are signs of My coming in glory—the time when My Church is being scorned and scrutinized; and there are signs of confusion, lack of discipline and division in My Church.  These are the three predisposing factors of current signs in My Church.  Confusion, where theological debates mutilate My Church, trying to understand mysteries of Divine origin.  There is not discipline in taking heed of the enlightened words of My Mother’s most beloved Pope, who knows the Truth of My Light.  All seem to desire their freedom of choice, instead of being obedient to Our chosen Pope of this age.  How he suffers from his adversaries!  His cross is heavy, and his burden not light, because he suffers My tears and My Mother’s sorrow from the interior division of My Church of Peter!  These are your warning signs, and many take little regard for their effects.


The sacred unity of the Body of Christ is separating from the lack of faith, trust and hope.  The ancient guidelines that My Father laid out for His people are ignored, and still remain to be the Truth.  I say “ancient,” for man has attempted to change the Truth in the Church to reflect modern day beliefs.


I came to render man free and died because of the Truth of My Father, granting true freedom and redemption for all of mankind and remaining obedient to His words.  Man now is creating a new “church” against the wishes of Our Beloved Pope who continues to remain obedient to the words of Light, My Father’s Will.  It is he who is faithful!


Take heed, My people, for your time is at hand; and realize that your confusion, your lack of discipline and your division are stifling your souls and destroying the garden of green pastures, preventing its blossom.  Be obedient to your Pope who desires unity of nations and freedom for all mankind.  Be disciplined, faithful and trustworthy people of hope.  Be merciful, loving and forgiving of one another; for those who think that God will defend them because of their admiration for Him, yet have hatred for their brethren, will only be defeated and pay a price tag they themselves created with their resentfulness, hatred, lack of discipline and division.  Bear the true Cross, and be granted the true Light of eternal glory; or if you are so certain and desire your way, walk in the darkness of merciless deception.


The only Way to My Father is His Way!  There is only one path.  Your created freeways to circumvent the true path will not grant you entrance to Paradise, for there is only one gate and only one road which will take you to the gate of entry.


Turn around and come back to the true road, My people.  Remain faithful, My priests, My clergy, My religious, and My people to your Pope; and be obedient to the words of My Church.  He enlightens you.  He knows the true road and has the keys to the gate which enters into Paradise.  Peace to you all.  Ad Deum.