Vol III Lesson 22

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III  Lesson #22

March 2, 1991





My dear child, when you perceive a longing of heavenly desire and wish to contemplate My brightness, enlarge your heart; and with all of your affection, seek after and embrace this holy inspiration.  Give thanks to My Father Who deals so favorably with you, Who is merciful, Who gives you His power, Who raises you up, Who gives you graces of bliss, and Who ardently incites you lest you fall (by your own neglect) into worldly desires and carnal affection.  For it is not through your own merit that you attain the bliss of His blessings.  It is through Our Divine visitations and heavenly graces that you may grow in Our Holiness and in the virtue of humility.  It is so you will take steps to prepare yourself and to be able to face the conflicts of your heart, to serve Me, and to remain close to Me with a loving fervor.


Remember, I have said that the fire will burn, but the flames will not ascend without smoke!  This is because My people have initially the true desire for heavenly graces, but their days are broken with many distractions, weakened with delights, tormented with want, and entangled with egotistical vanities and tedious temptations.  My people are full of sorrows and misery because they are defiled with sin and become bitter.  Therefore, when they come to Me with the prayerful intentions of their heart, it is not totally pure because they are infected with self-interest in their petitions.  Such is the case with you, for petitions which are not selfless are neither pure nor perfect.


Do not ask what is pleasing or desirable to you, but what garment of praise and honor it is for Me.   Seek beyond your desire; for I know your desire, and I hear your sighs!  Pray that whatever your wish is, God will be glorified in you.  You want what is good and comforting.  You desire to abound in joy and peace, but this is not yet the time!

This time is one of inner war and trials.  You attempt to attain such a peace, but you cannot, for there are many things in which you are yet to be exercised.  Therefore, take courage!


To be a faithful servant of God, you must deny your very self and be broken in all things.  You must go against your own inclinations!


At what others shall do pleasing to them, you shall not succeed.

Where others will receive great esteem from man, you shall not be noticed.

When others speak and listen, no regard shall be given to what you say.

How far can you deny yourself  for love of Me?

In this you will be tried in order to break you of your self-interest!


But blessed be the one who lets go of all created things and, through fervor of spirit, crucifies the lust of his flesh. Remember, the fruits of your labor will pass, and your suffering will be comforted and greatly rewarded for holding yourself in contempt for My good pleasure and honor alone!  For what little you have here on earth, you will have great in Heaven!  There I will give you glory for the amount of suffering you have endured and give you My garment of praise and love for your sorrow.  There you will be seated next to Me at the royal throne for being seated at the lowest place now!  There you shall rejoice for your penance and be crowned.


So take heed now, and have the courage to bow down yourself humbly unto Me at all costs.  My blessings to you.  You are not alone!