Vol III Lesson 23

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


VOLUME III  Lesson #23

March 25, 1991





My dear child, I have told My people, “My Peace I give you, not as the world gives peace, but as I give to you.”   Do not mix the peace of the world with the Peace of God.  Those who hear My voice, follow Me and seek after My Way.  Do not focus on the journey of others.  Do not be preoccupied with what others are saying or doing.


Focus on Me and how you may please Me.  You will seldom be disturbed if you look toward Me, and so judge not the intentions of others.  However, in your journey with Me, do not think that you will not be troubled or burdened with interior suffering or external suffering, for this is the way of the world in which you live.  Do not think that if you suffer, you cannot have My Peace.  Do not think that if you are loved by others, you are in a state of peace in union with Me.  Do not think that if your devotion and prayer are of sweetness, you are especially a beloved one; for this is not the case with My true disciples who are rich in My virtue.  I have said progress, not perfection!


There is little progress for the man who thinks he is walking in perfection!  Therefore, do not think you have gained true peace if you feel no adversity.  Do not think you have gained perfection if things go according to your wishes and desires.  My Peace is not the peace the nature of man knows!


Focus all your attention on Me.  Offer all of yourself to Me, and do not seek to gain anything of this world or the next.  Maintain a balance of all joys and sorrows.  Seek only Me, and do not weigh your heart heavily on either your sadness or your happiness.


If you suffer, do not justify yourself to think otherwise, but utilize your virtue of hope and live in My faith, knowing My Justice will be completed according to the glory of My Father in union with the Holy Trinity


Peace is what all My people desire, but they desire the peace they wish to create from human ways, not from those things which give true Peace.  Peace is patience, and this will be with you as you follow My ways and as you deny yourself; for those who lose their life will gain it!


I love you, My dear one, as I love all My people.  I give you My Peace, and know that this Peace can dwell in you in the midst of all your sufferings and burdens, not only your joys.  So do not give up hope, but rejoice when your suffering is of Mine.  All My true lovers of virtue experience peace through the progress of inner conflict and self-contempt, instead of self-perfection.


I bless you, once again, and all My people.  I am your Jesus of Mercy, Who gives you My Peace, not as the world gives peace, but the Peace of the Holy Trinity for all eternity.


Come, follow Me, and bathe in My perfume of everlasting Peace.

Come, I shall cleanse you and dress you in the finest robes.

Come, all you who are weary.

Come, to your Jesus of Mercy.

I await you!