Vol III Lesson 3

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Volume III Lesson #3

May 16, 1990




My dear child, I wish to continue now with another Lesson.  As My people find My Paradise of Eden, it is so important that they be vigilant.  The evil one of deceit and darkness will lurk and eavesdrop and creep into all situations to attempt to destroy the work of God!  He can do this, and no one can stop him!  However, it is necessary for My chosen ones to know not to fret.


Do not be incredulous.  Be aware that he lurks and wishes to cause harm, but he cannot come in, unless you let him inside from the outside!  If he comes in, he will bite you with his poisonous venom and build his offensive and defensive structures within you.  Always be vigilant!  Be strong and do not allow intimidations or insinuations to cause you grief.  Build your defenses and cast the enemy away.  He will always be around to deceive, slander, persuade and use any situation to his favor.  Faith, hope and charity are the weapons which slay him and are the shield you wear.


It is so necessary for My people to be disciplined with love or they will fall as Adam and Eve and be exiled from the Paradise of Eden.  Stand firm with disciplined hearts of love to uphold the Messianic ideas and words as sacred!  Never barter the words of Truth nor sacrifice your inheritance of eternal glory for the temporary prestige of humanity.  Those, who favor lustful humanity and do not trust in the clear words of My Truth, barter the inheritance of the whole human race!


My dear Israelites, your inheritance is that which awaits you in eternal glory and bliss.  I never bartered the words of My Father.  In discipline and in obedience, I died so that you could live in My inheritance of everlasting glory.  To those who do not know of My inheritance and sacred Messianic idea and words, I shed My mercy!  But those who know Me and walk with Me and then barter their inheritance for a lustful humanity, beware!


I am a God of Mercy, but I am also a God of Justice!  Woe also to those who betray My chosen and persuade them through deceitfulness to walk away from the sacredness of their inheritance.  Any who take My chosen from Me shall receive the judgment of justice.


The slyness, calumny, persuasiveness and lurking, creeping ways of the evil one cannot harm you, unless you allow him to make his place of stay within you!


So be vigilant, My people, but do not fret and do not be incredulous.  Live the sacredness of My words to you in faith and stand firm against forfeiting the possession of your inheritance for the lustful humanity in which you live!


To you I give freedom.  Use it wisely.

To you I give My peace.  Accept it graciously.

To you I give My inheritance.  Hold it sacred, for your inheritance is the result of Mine.


Ad Deum.