Vol III Lesson 4

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #4

May 21, 1990





My dear child, I am here in your midst, listening and gathering your prayers.  I am here for everyone, offering My peace.  I invite all to be My disciples and wish to give you the steps to being a faithful one.  There are ten steps!


  1. Put your trust in Me, your Lord God.  Allow Me to care for you.  If you put your trust in Me, you are putting your trust in My Father and in your inheritance.  Peace comes with trust, and faith is the virtue to this trust in Me.  Trust in Me allows Me to care for you as My disciples in the way which allows Me to be glorified in you.


  1. Never be self-righteous, but allow Me to be righteous in you.  Deny yourself the

disillusion of humanity’s materialism, and see your wealth in Me.  You are nothing alone, but everything in Me!  Do not seek personal desires, but seek the desire of Him Who has sent Me.  Self-righteousness inhibits you from being a true disciple.  Deny your very self for My sake, and you shall receive My righteousness!


How do you deny yourself?  Do not complain of offenses and slanderous words made against you.  Have mercy on your enemies and forgive them with charity, instead of seeking support from others in a rebuttal against them.  Deny the evil one’s venom of prestige, power and pride which manipulates and becomes the center of your life.  Instead, place Me at the center with simpleness, goodness and love.


  1. Always pray that My Father’s Will be done, and accept it with open hearts.  The Will of My Father must always prevail for anyone to be My disciple. The Will of My Father may not seem easy, but it is simple.  Peace and glory always prevail in My Father’s Will.


  1. Rejoice in Me and in Him Who has sent Me.  Do not be somber or melancholy.  Be joyful!.   Sing praises of joy in Me, and you shall receive My joy.  Remember, it is I Who wishes to give you My joy, and for that joy to be complete.


  1. Never Worry.  My disciples must not worry or be anxious.  I have said there is no justice in fear, worry or anxiety.  I shall care for you as I have devoutly told you.  If you worry and are anxious or have fear, you are not trusting in Me.  You are allowing the evil one to place thoughts of manipulation and confusion in you.  My disciples know Me, and I know them.  They know I am not a God of fear, of anxiety or worry.



  1. Love unconditionally.  Always love and do whatever is necessary to avoid the poison of hatred or resentment from infusing into your soul.  See beyond your neighbors’ and colleagues’ personalities, and seek My Love for them.  If you seek My Love, you too will love as I love.  A true disciple will love as I.


  1. Never  give up hope.  When you fail, try again.  My disciples will fall because I allow them, but only for them to grow stronger in My holiness and in humility.  If you try, you have not failed, but have won favor in the sight of My Father.  Remember, you are not perfect, but it is I Who perfects you in Me.  A true disciple puts aside his/her self-pride and accepts errors with humility.


  1. Carry your cross.  If, as My disciple, you suffer, then receive and offer your suffering for the salvation of mankind.  My Mercy shall flow; and blessed be you who suffer for the conversion of sinners.  Suffering, whether it be internal, physical, mental or spiritual, always brings glory and justice.


  1. Seek the Kingdom of GodIf you seek the Kingdom of God, you will live in My Truth and live My words.  Allow your actions to speak for you! Pray and live in My goodness always, and the inheritance of My Kingdom shall be yours.


  1. The last and critical step to discipleship is honesty.  Always be honest and speak the truth with respect for one another.  I shall always defend you in your honesty.


These steps, My dear one, are for all My people whom I invite to discipleship.  I have come to restore dignity and respect through My Mercy.  Those who practice these steps are My disciples in whom My Mercy flows, restoring dignity to mankind.


Thank you, My dear one, for once again writing My words as I dictate them to you.  Receive My peace.