Vol III Lesson 7

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Volume III Lesson #7

June 18, 1990





My dear child, conform all your desires to My Will and to My good pleasure.  Be on guard not to be a lover of yourself, but to earnestly and ardently love Me.  My people have much yet to learn.  They are eager and are inclined to do good, but they do not restrain themselves to be reserved to the Will of God!  Many times their desires supersede with eagerness and prevent the Will of God from being fulfilled.  Be balanced, reserved, and restrained from hastily carrying out your desires, lest you deceive yourself and be displeased with what you thought would please you!


Place all desires and intentions before Me, and do not be self-seeking.  Be certain that your desires are not of your own, but of My desire, which will bring good fortune.  Allow My Will to be fulfilled and carried out.  Therefore, in My eager desire, be restrained and be disciplined to the Will of God by waiting patiently and in prayerful contemplation.


My Will is completed quietly and peacefully; so do not react in the moment of emotion, whether you think it be good or bad!  Use restraint in all inclinations, and conform to the Will of God.  Desires, which appear good, may not be fulfilled; and, on the contrary, inclinations which may not appear good, may not be rejected!


Place before Me all desires, and I shall take pleasure in fulfilling the good deeds and extinguishing the bad ones.  Be expedient then in fighting the flesh of the mind until it is content with very little and pleased in being simple and ordinary.  Place all your desires before Me, and conform to My Will and good pleasure.  Be patient people after you have submitted to My Will; and rejoice, for good fortune has befallen you!