Vol IV Lesson 11

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Volume IV Lesson #11




My dear one, in these My days of sorrow, yet joy, I wish for My people to know of the Peace that comes from Me. I only ask for My people to be open to change, behavioral change toward their brethren. It is important to unite in the community in love, and that love exemplifies itself through change in your behavior.

If you are an abrupt, stern person, and I touch you with My love inwardly, you will certainly change inside as I merit. But to all the people who know of your past persona, they will only remember the abrupt, stern attitude and personality! They will not listen to what you say if your actions do not reflect your words. So behavioral change, one you are cognizant of, will eventually change peoples’ hearts because the messenger becomes the message. I do not use you as an example here, but I use the person in the third form to be that example to which people can relate.

People talk and judge and desire, through selfishness, their acceptance. If you are abrupt to them, whether you feel they are right or wrong, whatever the circumstance, they will perceive you differently, as if your behavior is not one of love, mercy, compassion, kindness and acceptance. Be soft spoken.

I often ask My people, what does it matter who is right or who is wrong?  Because man does not decide, only God is the final Judge! So put aside foolish interpretations and being scrupulous of others. This happens when your focus is off of Me, when you are disturbed with desires of material self-worth. Look to Me; and you will take one day at a time, one person you encounter at a time, and show love. If love cannot be shown or expressed through sincerity and simpleness, how can your love shine to many at one time? Begin first with yourself. Make the effort to change your inner behavior, and continually work at being kind and open to every individual (no matter what turmoil you experience); and eventually your charisma will reflect your true self.

Peace, My dear one. I love you. Ad Deum.