Vol IV Lesson 15

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Volume IV Lesson #15




My child, where are you running to? Where are all My people running? You cannot escape the truth of life, even if you deceive yourself. Do not be dismayed with the works you have undertaken for Me, or of the tribulations which have come your way. Allow My promise to strengthen you. Your hard labor and tribulations shall pass. Everything passes with time, but I shall never pass. Allow Me to be your reward!

So many of My people expe­rience anxiety. They ponder when death shall be no more, and when there shall be never-failing health, infinite brightness and peace. Peace will come in a day known well to the Lord. Do what you need to do. Work faithfully and you shall gain your reward. Endure with patience, and you shall see the end of evil. I will protect you. Come deep and penetrate into My Heart.

You perceive a longing after eternal bliss, but you desire it without the shadow of change. This is because My people desire heavenly things without the temptation of the affection of the flesh, from which they are not free. So their petitions are not fully for God’s honor.

Break yourself from mortal desires, and allow Me to fill you with true Peace. My words are strong this night because many come to Me with their petitions, but with an agenda. The Kingdom of God is not an institution. The Kingdom of God is Love and encompasses Love! It is not conceivable in man’s worldly mind. So step out into My world of Love and try not to understand so much, as to walk by faith in trusting the Triune God.

O’ you people of little faith! Here your Jesus has been granted from the Father this time of Mercy to teach you and guide you, and you continue to act as if it is a myth. You go to your churches and synagogues praying to a God in a far-away distance; and, once again, I come to speak to you, but you ignore Me through scrutiny of the Truth.

Wake up, My dear ones, to the true world! Allow the possibility to exist in your minds. This is the way My Father has allowed My teachings to prevail for you. Come to your Jesus, and allow Me to come to you. I only want to love you and mold you in your imperfections, but you choose to be certain of what perfection is according to a falsified standard. Love yourself in your imperfections, and I will perfect you and make you righteous in the sight of God.