Vol IV Lesson 17

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Volume IV Lesson #17




My dear one, in the heat of a hot summer, looking out into the desert, you feel the dry, hot wind beating against your face; and the stillness makes you wonder in the torturous heat how there is life. You begin to thirst, and your skin begins to become dry and scorched. ‘Where is the beauty of the desert?’ you say. Where are the milky cacti and the budding flowers with bees suckling the honey?

Your soul, empty, is searching for coolness and fluid to drink. ‘Where is my God,’ you wonder, ‘to refresh me and calm my mind?’ Where is the gentle breeze of my Jesus? You pray, you wait, you pray again. You wait—you pray—no answer. Now you exert anger and more energy. Your tears begin to stream down your searching, thirsty soul, fighting control. You wait. You wait, and you wait! Then in silence you surrender, realizing you are exerting energy without result. You accept, and now you pray without words.

The clouds now begin to cover the heated sun. Exhausted, you relax and close your eyes. The sweat streaming becomes your cooling source. The warm breeze brings a soft and gentle freshness. You fall into a peaceful sleep.

My dear one, what I have described here is how the soul in dryness exerts every last energy in the heat of searching for water to drink, in order to revive itself to life. It is the walk of the night where the light is so strong it blinds you, and you become anxious because the beauty of life is taken away. So, what do you do? You exert all your energy in attempting to find that beauty and, in the process, you become exhausted. The sun is so hot, it dries every source of energy from you. You become more thirsty!

In trying to control the situation, searching for freedom of spirit, you have found not life, but the opposite. Finally in sur­rendering, peace, freedom and the cool breeze and freshness come from God to restore you. The desert becomes a garden of beauty. The mountains shadow the desert and illuminate their lavender softness with the sunset! Everything that you thought was dying from the scorch of the heat is now clearly the radiance of the beauty of the desert.

My point of this Lesson, My dear one, is to teach My people to be still, quiet, and silent in the dryness of the soul. Wait patiently for God to show His Face to you. Do not be afraid; do not be anxious. You are not alone. Submit in sur­render and in acceptance of yourself.  Strip open your soul. Lay bare. Be humble. Remember, humility is grounded in silence. Wait, as I have waited. Look within. Be simple. Do not battle with control. Do you walk against a sand storm, or do you find refuge and keep still? You cannot control a sand storm! And so is the soul in dryness. It cannot control. Control will only delay by causing more blindness. Wait for the dawn.  Wait.  Dawn will come, and all will be renewed.

Bless you, My sweet one. Here is the honey now for you to suckle and nurture your soul in God’s Love. Here is the honey for all My people. Here I am! Peace.