Vol IV Lesson 2

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #2

St. Giovanni Basilica, Rome

October 3, 1991


My dear child, simply give to Me your love and focus only on Me. It is because of your imperfections in your love that I desire it so! Please, simply focus on Me.

The mysticism of My Love stems from the imperfections of man and because of the original sin. So many of My people are in need of inner healing from their brokenness and hidden love.

I wish for all to know that it is not in the perfections of the soul I love, but in the imperfections! This is where you become holy, through your imperfections. The grace comes from Me. Once you name the sin and accept it, I give My grace of healing.

The spirituality of your soul is a grace of My Spirit. I grace you with My intimacy. It is My desire that all My people understand that I do not wait for their love when they believe they are perfect. It is now I wait for their love in their imperfection!

When you believe you are perfect, I can assure you that you are distant. The pain My people have is because they deny their brokenness and do not accept the present condi­tion of their being. They wish to control. When the situation does not go as desired– according to their plan–they then deny the situation and make circumstances to justify them­selves with excuses!

It is necessary for My people to know that My Church consists of the imperfections of their beings! These are the people in need of joy and peace. First, for them to recognize they are powerless and cannot control, they must accept the sin and not place guilt on themselves. The rest is a grace I give to them for healing.

Thank you, My dear one, for receiving My Love and lov­ing Me in your own brokenness. You, who so much need to love others first by loving yourself, I ask to sit with Me and attend to Me by focusing on Me. In this way I can heal your very soul and give you My Love, for you to love Me as I love you.

Bless you, and receive My Peace. You will see that now many will come in the goodness of My Mercy. Remember, I am overseeing your journey directly. Surrender unto Me like a little child. Peace. Ad Deum.