Vol IV Lesson 20

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Volume IV Lesson #20




My dear one, peace must exist in the cornerstone of your heart because I am to exist in your heart! Before peace can escalate out unto others, it must encompass your being in totality because I must encompass you in totality. This is the free will given to you through the creation of mankind. You are only to be willing and have faith the size of a mustard seed, and I shall consume you in Love!

By now, My dear one, you have seen what a mustard seed looks like, and you know the history of the parables relate in reality, not only to the people of that age, but also carrying into today’s generation. You look for a quiet place of peace to rest your weary head, but you have not looked within.

My people need to look within. There I lie; an inner con­templation living amongst an active world. If I call My ones to solitude in hermitage, that grace is for those chosen. But most of My people are subject to living in an active world as I walked, and must flee within to find solitude in Me. It then would not matter where you are. The peace, solitude and love of contemplation would become the cornerstone of your soul, because I am the cornerstone of peace in your soul. I dove into the Heart of My Being, there to find My Father’s Peace and to dwell in solitude, then to rest My Head on My Mother for loving care. You also need to turn for love, and care for one another.

The human needs the love of community and the touch of each other. Man was not created to live alone, but in unity. However, man was created to give glory to God for His honor, and so, praise to the Creator for His blessing was, and contin­ues to be, essential for freedom.

Dive into My Sacred Heart for rejuvenation of the soul. Do not look for rest and peace in outer sources. Look inside, and those who are willing to receive My Love and Peace will find Me! Here lies your protection and intimacy with God. Here rests total knowledge, the knowledge I grant you through the heart. Even though you have knowledge through the intellect of the mind, you have not knowledge unless it is processed and absorbed in love through the heart!!

My dear one, in My time of human existence amongst My people I worked hard. I was rugged and exhausted. I never ceased to teach My Father’s Word and to have mercy on those in need. I was crucified and humiliated amongst a market place of thieves and wild people, none who cared about the mercy of God; in a commonplace where no one took heed of the Presence of the Son of the Living God.

I could not find peace exteriorly because the world did not exist in peace exteriorly. I came to save the world so all would have Life and Peace, but I dove interiorly into My Father’s Heart for solitude, contemplation and the Peace of His Love. I then walked the back roads to freedom by walking the ac­tive world in the contemplation of solitude and Peace within where My Father dwelled.

I call all My people today to this same magnetic quiet­ness of solitude, which exists within yourselves interiorly, not exteriorly. I live within. It is where you will find rest in your busy world and the guidance of the teachings of My Truth. Then you can see Me living exteriorly amongst all, but not before you have seen Me within; because there you will first see yourself, and therein, Me.

The Son of Man is coming to verify the past truths and to collect His chosen ones! The time will come when all will experience the state of their souls. All will have to look within. It cannot be escaped. There, where the Peace of salvation ex­ists, will freedom and protection lie.

Come, My sweet one, it is time to begin a new day of My Father’s creation. I am with you always in your soul and by your side. I place My Angels of protection around you, as I send them to all My people of God. The interior protection I will procure. The exterior now will be guided by My Archan­gels. Peace.   Ad Deum.