Vol IV Lesson 21

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Volume IV Lesson #21





My dear one, take down My words now for My people. A good conscience is one which brings joy in God. It is your glory when your conscience is clear! It is not in what is in your words, but what is in your heart. Speech does not reflect the interior. He, who has a clear conscience, will be content and at peace with himself.

My Father sees what is within. Man looks upon the actions and speech of men, but it is I Who weighs the intentions of the heart. It is the interior of the heart which will ultimately speak the actions in truth, but what man does not see on the outside does not mean it is not seen by the Eyes of God interiorly. Also, what man sees through actions exteriorly does not reflect in its totality in­wardly! Man may not praise you, but this does not mean you are worse or less holy. Likewise, if you are praised by man, this does not mean you are holy!

My point today, child, is this: Walking with Me interiorly and refusing comfort from man, without seeking consolation or affection, is the state of an interior confidence and purity. To do your best, yet to hold yourself in little account, will solidify union of a humble state. If you seek after the glory of this world, you have little love for what is heavenly.

Keep a good conscience. Clean yourself before the temple, and you shall have joy. Remember, the wicked cannot have joy or peace because there is no joy or peace in the wickedness of evil. The projects of the evil will only perish. True peace and joy can only be sustained in Me, and I rest in the humble, pure and clean hearts. A clean conscience is one which examines itself continuously to wash, to sift and to rinse and clean for a resting place for its Master. This means that great tranquillity of the heart will not seek affection of man’s praises or dis­praises, but will look to God for His Face to behold.

Remember, child, that God approves and selects whom He desires to commend. It is not for man to commend or seek praises or dispraises of himself. It belongs under the Hand of God. Therefore, a clean conscience is one that looks to Me, to the heavens for union, and pays little attention to the ways of man, and is not swayed by his word. Ad Deum.