Vol IV Lesson 27

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #27

St. Rufino Church,  Assisi




My dear one, once you have recognized your sins, the soul in remorse is in pain because of its powerless and dark state of emptiness. At this point, I teach you to give more of yourself to Me and not to yourself. Give praises to God by paying little heed to yourself and focus on the goodness of God. Bless the name of the Lord, for His Mercy is upon you. Do not focus on your sinfulness or the wretched state of your soul, but focus, instead, on the Mercy of God. Sing songs of gratitude and thanksgiving for His compassion and understanding. This is the way I ask My people to live. This is living the Way of God.

You are powerless without Me, and you are everything in Me. I live in all, so you are all in each other!  Man needs man. I have come for man, so all can reap the fruits from the vine. All the fruits that are sweet come from the vine; though, at first, the fruit is bitter, because the soil is bitter after parting from the vine. Special care is needed, and pruning the vine, and time. When the season is at hand, the fruit is ripe and is then distributed.

I speak to My people through you, a wretched sinner, because My Mercy endures forever. It is My Love that molds and softens the hardest of hearts. If My Love for you is great, how much more would I give to My people. My heart has been pierced, for the pain of Love for My people still exists.

Do not hide in your sinfulness. I am Mercy, and I will bless you and cleanse you in My Mercy. Empty yourself at the Foot of the Cross, and you shall live and be made whole. How I say the harvest is rich, but the laborers are few! Col­lect the laborers and bring them to the field. Your soul’s state of independence is not freedom. Freedom only exists in total dependence on Me. There lies your power. There will I be in the quiet depths of your soul, waiting for you to give of yourself, in order that I could only give back to you a renewed and enriched gem.

This freedom exists through discipline and obedience, obedience not to yourself, but to Me. You think you are all-knowing of the right way of obedience, but all you know is deception through superficial obedience.

Seek first the Will of God. Blindfold yourself from the way of the world and seek freedom through self-denial, so I may renew you and make you clean. Then you will be able to live in the world, whole, free and in purity of mind and soul. It can only be done through Me. It is the only Way!   I am the Way!  He who knows Me knows the Way!

Peace, My little one. Remember, there is nothing of this world you should be afraid for people to see while being stripped and purified, because I am He Who grants eternal life. I am the Judge, not the people you live around. Therefore, if all pay heed to the Truth of the Word, all shall be purified and safe, because My Mercy endures forever! Ad Deum.