Vol IV Lesson 28

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Volume IV Lesson #28





My dear one, the soul is in so much need of solitude, a time to search self and live in the silence of the Truth. Retreat inwardly to find the source of this grace. It is only through prayer that this grace is granted. How loud the whisper of the wind becomes, echoing and breathing life. So is My Spirit! It is good to reflect on your state, facing all imperfections with no place to hide. This is where union begins, knowing you are nothing and experiencing, by the purification of desolation and nothingness, that you can be­come everything in Me.

When the soul thirsts for Life, because it is stripped of sen­sory and spiritual life, is when it has the graces of union and gives glory to the Father. God makes His union with you. Seek to find God through the praises of spiritual prayers. Depriva­tion of the spirit from worldly attachments will come to all who are joined in union with Me. The sinfulness of human attachments to the world through the senses and spirit must be stripped, purified and made whole, if union is to exist, and for God to find His resting place within.

See the beauty in the simplest of God’s creation. Be in union with the serenity of the earth as the forests draw their life from the richness of the soil, where God has planted the seed. Each tree in the forest is different, but all yield to tranquil beauty which the birds echo in their chants. Listen. Listen to silence. See the richness through solitude.

I love you, My little one. I love all My people, as I love you. Experience this Love and see My Love in all. The saints before you gave alms of offerings and penance, and their main message is still the one I preach to you today: to love; to give to Me; to give to one another, that those who are hungry and poor may live in union. The richness of the earth was created for all, so that no one should go without. Why, then, are so many without?

Give, and more shall be given to you. Never be afraid to come and be alone with Me! This silence of union is essential for the life of the soul. Even though your life of ministry be active, silence and solitude is vital and is possible. It is the backbone to any life of ministry. You must first face yourself in order to face others. You must first live in union with God before you can love others, or your life of ministry will only be short-lived. Before you can go out to others, you must first allow Me to come to you and find My resting place through your own crucifixion and purification in solitude.

Now let us pray together here and listen to this silence. Blessings and Peace as My Spirit of the wind breathes for your soul. Ad Deum, My love. Ad Deum.