Vol IV Lesson 32

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Volume IV Lesson #32





My dear one, My Mother and I are grateful for the work you do according to Our instructions, but ask now that you dive deeper into prayer. She will take you into My Most Sacred Heart. She takes all My people into My Sacred Heart, where My Merciful Love flows, all who will allow Her and who are willing to give to Me all of their being.

Today I wish to express to My people My infinite Love for them. I wish for them not to be discouraged with people who dictate through their authoritative manner and commands. Be loving anyway! Do not follow their error, but follow the way of My Mother. Listen more than speaking. Love, assist others, and pray for them. Do not attempt to debate or be combative if you disagree, but do not allow yourself to be influenced. Follow the way of My Mother.

There are many who love Me, yet are accustomed to their way and try to persuade others to live the same. They forget that daily you must die to yourself in order that I may live in you and accomplish far greater works. Be open to the dictates of command, but do not allow it to influence you negatively. Focus always on Me, and follow the way of My Mother.

No matter who is difficult with you, exchanging harsh words or instructing you in a selfish, authoritative command, you can maintain peace and harmony within yourself, if you dive into a quiet prayer and never lose your focus. Do not allow people to influence you, even if you admire their ways. Be yourself by following only Me! This way I can mold you into a beautiful creation in the Eyes of My Father.

I love you, My dear one. I love you, My chosen people! I love you now, and I will always love you. Never lose sight of the Truth. Keep your eyes and heart fixed on Me. Follow the Way outlined in My Gospel words. Remember, you live in a world of defect through sin and evilness, but I have conquered the world and died for your salvation.

In order that you follow a peaceful and harmonious life in Me, you need only to follow My simple instructions. That is to follow the way of My Mother. Listen to your fellow companions. Love them, assist them in need and pray for them. Listen, love, assist and pray! And if you see error, do not be influenced. Yield to My Love and My correction, and receive My Mercy through My Sacred Heart.

My Mother is the one who can lead you into this depth of My Merciful Heart. Pray for this grace so that you can dive into a deeper contemplative life. No matter what errand or job you do, you can focus in prayer in love of Me; and you can live a life of forgiveness of others and harmony through mercy, following the steps through the grace bestowed upon you to listen, love, assist and pray for all. It will relieve your mind of business, and will inflame your heart with a greater desire to serve and live in joy and unity.

My blessings and My Peace! Allow Me now to rest in your heart of love for Me.

Ad Deum.