Vol IV Lesson 36

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Volume IV Lesson #36




My dear one, the fire of My Love flames within those souls who seek Me. The indefinable love, which teaches and inspires interiorly, becomes the love which speaks outwardly. This romance of love is a romance with the Lover. I am the Lover!

When you sit quietly and contemplate My words of love, your soul is suspended high into the abyss of love. You then dive into the core of Mercy’s dwelling, the core of My Heart, and  also the core where My Wounds exist. The area of pain and sorrow is also the area of joy and love. Happy are they who dwell in the House of the Lord where the Merciful Heart is exposed for all man’s salvation!

Dress your wounds by dressing Mine with your love. Be graced with My affection, and persevere to seek the Truth of My Love. Rest, persevere, and you will obtain your dream of love Whom you cannot find.

I have not left you, but I am here teaching you inwardly, procuring a place of purity in which to rest My Head. Tend to Me, My people! Come to My sweet abyss of love. Seek Me with the burning fire within your heart and never cease until you are found!

How many of My people are afraid to seek Me, and they grow fearful. All that is necessary is a humble, honest heart, willing to receive My Love as a brother, sister, spouse or child.

My dear people, do not give up hope! As long as you are of mortal body, you will feel heaviness of the heart. You will not always continue in a fervent desire of virtue, but do not give up hope. Continue to persevere and seek Me. Bear with patience this abandonment and aridity until you are graced with a deliverance from your anguish. It is good, at moments such as these, to humble yourself to exterior actions, doing good works and to persevere for the glory to come. Not all can maintain a grace of spiritual ecstasy!

Contemplate how your sufferings now are minor, compared to the glory which is to come for you. In this light, you will be able to persevere, seek and love Me with the burning grace of My Love. This is the ultimate peace and union of Oneness to obtain. Be always searching the Truth and adore Me in a Eucharistic silence.

My Love is burning for you, and My sufferings of love for you will never cease until the glory of your happiness is united in the glory of the Triune God. Peace and blessings of the Father of Truth and Mercy.  Ad Deum.