Vol IV Lesson 37

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #37




My dear one, it is time to take down My words for My people, words of love and encouragement. My people will not be able to understand the full depth of My words I have spoken in My Lessons; but, as they continue to read and study them, they will recurrently see how each word and phrase is designed and formed with great love in order to as­sist them in their journey.

The journey of life that you live is only the beginning of a long and fruitful journey of happiness. At times you feel that your journey is one of little meaning; or you feel lost, abandoned, or struggle with the meaning of your own life’s journey. This is all orchestrated only to bring you closer to Me! All you do is not within your own power to acquire. (I am speaking of the many who attain their goals in belief that it was granted to them on behalf of their own merit!) Those who love Me achieve as is best for their soul.

Today you live amongst people who have little trust in their God. They are questioning the faith of the existence of God. If I grant revelations, visions or prophecy to one, the other closes his ears to knowledge in resentment and lack of acceptance. People place restrictions on their God—what Yah­weh would say, act or do in others. My visionaries, prophets, saints, martyrs of today go unnoticed. My people refuse to heed the words spoken from their lips proclaiming My words of Light.

My teachings do not cease. I am a teaching God, and My Love endures forever. I do not change, and I journey with you. Do not struggle, then, when aridity and the thirst for Me is not fulfilled. I am bringing you to life’s springs and endless gardens. The journey is continuous, but I continue to lead you through the darkness and confusion. I am with you, right by your side, and many times supporting you when you are weary.

This journey of your life is really not long compared to the journey of the glory to come! Therefore, I encourage you to continue on with Me, even though you are confused, lonely, alone, feeling abandonment, and are not acknowledged by others. I control all; and when it is My desire for all to know what should be revealed to them, it will be unveiled!

Exert your energy on Me, and put aside all worried feel­ings of anxiety. Allow Me to purify you from the tendencies you have to seek control of My Love. Do not seek consolation, but seek Me, your Yahweh of consolations!

I love you and want your love freely, without contingen­cies or controls. It is a long journey of life I take with you, depending on your patience and your true desire to embrace the good fruits of this journey. Then, as you surrender totally, daily, you experience a true romance relationship, one fulfill­ing your life.

Therefore, do not be frustrated. One day you are giving; the next day you are not. I do not get discouraged with you, but I test the willingness of the spirit, and I teach you that what you acquire is not what you merited by your control, but by My Love!

Peace. Ad Deum.