Vol IV Lesson 38

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Volume IV Lesson #38




My dear one, I want My people to be in My Presence of Love through an openness. There are many steps the beginner can take in prayer.

My people need to take the laboring steps of coming in devotion and with the commitment of receiving My Presence of Love, even if they feel nothing! It is painful in the knowledge of yourself to commit in discipline to this love of Me. But those who endure to the end shall receive the flowing water to tend their garden with ease, so that I may come to dwell in it!

See Me, your Jesus, as your aide, your life-giving Source. Put aside your temptations of falsehood and sweet enticements of the world, and come to bask in My Love. Be at peace. Let My Love be the catalyst for your enthusiasm. Let Me be your teacher. Love Me with all the affection of your heart.

Do not allow the glory of the world to entice you away from Me. Pray for wisdom and allow Me to ward off the errors of falsehood which could dismay you and be a disad­vantage to you. Allow Me to prevent all carelessness from affecting your progress. Be alert to these bothersome “sweet” deceptions. Pray and be strong through perseverance, that your spirit of love is not broken with deceiving desires and invalid arguments.

I love you and am teaching you through the Spirit to love Me unconditionally and to give to Me your total being, so that you may reap the harvest and be with Me in My everlasting Love.

When you experience these temptations, pay no attention to them. Push them aside, and pray the prayer I taught you through My Mother. **(Prayer noted at end.) Know that I am your source of consolation and happiness, yet this consolation may not be as immediate as you desire! Everything must take time. Your soul needs this time of My Love.

Do not be impatient, but go at My pace, moment to mo­ment. Do not worry about tomorrow or the outcomes of events to happen. Do not exert your energy analyzing or discerning what needs to be the course of your life. Trust in Me, and I will care for you. I truly mean, “Trust.”

You say, “Yes, I can trust, but God helps those who help themselves!” I say, “Surrender and trust Me!” You are assembling an agenda you think is better than trusting and are fearful to allow Me to care for you because it may not fit the dictates of your command.

O’, you of little faith! If you would surrender unto Me and be in My peaceful Love, tending to Me, the fruits of your life would never put you in a situation where you need to discern or take a course of action to help yourself, because I would be paving the course of your safety and happiness for you!  But you are afraid because of the changes you anticipate (which may not even happen) with which I would strike you!

If you knew Me, you would know not fear but only love, My love. My sheep know Me. You are lost, and I will find you! You are running away in deception, but I will not leave without you! I am the Shepherd Who will not go forward, even if one lost lamb is astray. Remember, I have chosen you. You have not chosen Me!

Put aside your fears and temptations, and be at peace with the gentleness and loving caress of My touch. Peace, My lovers. Peace!

**Prayer Our Lady taught Gianna:

“Jesus, I adore you.

In you I hope.

In you I trust.

In you I have faith.

For it is in you all things are possible.

You are Our Living God.”