Vol IV Lesson 39

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Volume IV Lesson #39




My dear one, as I move the graces of your prayer forward, you will notice one day in contemplation that you have progressed in this grace from “knowing” to “loving.” The prayer of My Love moves from the mind to the heart. Your imagination will be reduced until you only have the memories to remember. At this point, give praise to Me and know you have been graced with progress in your journey through your commitment and devotion in contemplating Me.

It is a challenge when you surrender your control to Me, but not a loss to you. You will never be cheated from My Love. Your surrendering will only be fruitful and rewarding. The fervor of My Love will inspire you to give to Me all the more; to give until there is no more to give; and, even then, I shall draw from you! In this grace of prayer, you will discover what truly nourishes your soul. The search becomes the goal, and the longing for My Love is sufficient in itself to sustain you. The fruits will become self-evident. The desert flowers bloom when your will no longer exerts energy to control or distract you from attentiveness to My Will.

The battle of the mind will no longer become an inter­est to you. Hence the desert blooms, because the source of nourishment is from the heavens, which showers and enriches the soil to produce a fruitful season and the best yield of the harvest!

Blessed is he that endures and perseveres until the end. The struggle of failure and success no longer preoccupies your journey of progression. You are now ready to open up like a flower to receive My merciful Love and the compassion of healing graces. Your commitment to Me of your heart in prayer will gather the Truth and will surface the self-deception of the heart! It is the Way of My sacredness in fidelity and Truth. When you surrender to Me totally, you will be trusting in My Love totally because total surrender involves trusting in My Love. You would know of My Love and trust in My Love and, there­fore, surrender yourself to Me totally. Only when you trust in Me totally, can you trust others and respect them in dignity in My Love. I trusted in My Father because of Our Oneness. Trust in Me in our oneness!

Do not be afraid. Know of My Love, and know you will never be left alone. My Father was always with me, even as I suffered the abandonment of your life. Why, then, would I ever leave you alone?  I would not! I am true in My fidelity to you, and I am one with you. That is why I broke Myself for you, that you would never suffer without Me in your brokenness!

Rest assured of My Love. Do not lose sight of My Love through the fallacies of the self-controlling desires of the will and mind. Surrender unto Love against all self-comprehen­sion, and you will bear fruitful virtues of Life. Peace. Ad Deum.