Vol IV Lesson 42

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Volume IV Lesson #42





My dear one, as the soul ascends in prayer, it comes to a point where I grace it with My Love, and entreat a spiritual matrimony. You come completely into My Hands through a void of emptiness which allows you to simply be quiet. I then fill the emptiness with heavenly Love. This Love is not a human love of emotions, as you know it to be from past experiences, but the mystery of the Divine. When in this state, do not fight; but surrender even more, or the current of the sea will only pull you farther away until, through exhaustion, you surrender! It is the highest, most pure form of ecstasy prayer, one of a union with God—no words, no emotions, no senses of touch, but an ambiance of peace like a baby sleeping in the comfort of a mother’s arms. It entails no energy on your part because the prayer of grace is all of Me; so hence, the purity of My grace prevails.

How blessed are those who remain free of their vanity to allow the glory of God to be their source of nourishment! I feed souls far beyond human comprehension. At this point, the beginning of your transcension, you will ascend quickly through My grace; not that you may be aware. It is not through your effort, so you cannot claim reward from your effort. But gra­ciously give praise to Me for My goodness in ascending you in My Love, a Love I merit and which emanates out to all I desire. Hear what you think you have grasped. It will be realized that you have only learned very little! What you have acquired is less than nothing; and so you exist in a tunnel of an empty void, not seeing ahead nor behind, suspended, but traveling like the speed of light in space.

If you allow yourself to allow Me to filter you in My Love, you will progress rapidly, even though at times, from the hu­man element, uncomfortably! The discomfort is due to your lack of surrendering. When you have experienced surrender even further, you are no longer aware that you even have the control to surrender!

Desire only to be close to Me, and I will ascend you into another dimension of life, My Life, where My goodness knows only that which is good, total Peace, Love and virtue. It is past the level of human comprehension. Do not analyze. Do not even attempt in fervor to seek more. You must just be who you are, not knowing who you are, but knowing you are because of Me!

Come, come and be quiet now. Rest and listen to the silence of emptiness of the world. You will hear treasures of harmonious harps from the heavens!

Peace, My love. Peace. Peace. Peace.