Vol IV Lesson 50

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Volume IV Lesson #50





My dear one, I give to you My Heart. There are many people who will seem to always contradict you, or be overpowering. Do not be threatened by anyone’s words or actions. Remember, I am God! Be secure and confident in My Love, and remember that I allow situations to happen for your growth in humility. Put aside your frustrations. They are not firmly grounded. The abyss of My Love is here to comfort you. Do not run away from tensions. Be humble to recognize the need for unity. Do not allow abuse, but be kind; and if you are not at fault, humbly express your inflicted pain, but do so without causing conflict. Be secure enough in yourself and joyful in Me!

Your spirit is free when joyfully it sings songs of love. My grace is precious. Put aside anything that would get in the way of My grace being received. Maintain a clean conscience, and seek to serve Me. When you make a mistake and have failed, learn by your mistake, pray in sorrow for your mistake, and move on.

Do not block My grace meant for you. This is why I have told you to look into the depths of your being—your chemical (i.e. physical) and spiritual and emotional makeup—so that you will be in union with yourself and understand your reactions with love in moments of difficulty. Placing your confidence in My Love for yourself will allow you to maintain a clear conscience. If you place Me first, you will perceive My Love as the most important value of your life. But the roots to selfish­ness and other human vices must be severed. This is painful at times, but your persistence, dedication and commitment to My Love, will master your frail and lifeless habits and behavior.  This is how you begin to love yourself. I then become the center of your life, replacing you!

 Many people have difficulty with this; and because they are not willing to ascend to a purer interior state, they remain trapped; and they build that cocoon around themselves and never rise to self-freedom and love. The same is true if you are inno­cent of error. Remain open to My grace. Do not harbor any resentfulness, but place your confidence in Me and remain in union with yourself in My Love. You will soar to the abyss of ecstatic union in the state of humility.

I love you. Don’t give up in these difficult moments. Offer them to Me in the humility of My Love for you. Peace, little one. Ad Deum.