Vol IV Lesson 57

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Volume IV Lesson #57




My dear one, day by day, as you focus on My Love within you and the love you exhibit in love of Me, you will embrace peace; and peace will become your way.

Each day I invite My people to connect with their feel­ings. I invite them to feel their own feelings, and then, to grasp My Love, which is the backbone to any advancement in their development. My Love is with you, and without emotion in your being! Therefore, if you look within to meet your feelings, you can motivate them positively to do good. The core of love is faith, and faith is not a feeling. It is a commitment. Peace comes into existence when you are in union and harmony with yourself in My Love.

My people have known one way for so long, it is time for them to look within and to allow peace to dwell there. Peace of the world comes from peace within. Peace is harmony and union with the “self,” the soul.

I grace My people with feelings, and My grace is a pre­cious gem. You must put aside anything that would stand in the way of My grace. Seek the quiet for My Love to dwell, a place for yourself in which you keep focused on your feelings and direct them in a loving, healing, powerful way. This is where freedom exists. Confidence in God, through My Love, solidifies the stance of your identity in Him!

If you sin, mourn in sorrow. A humble heart and act of contrition will bear the hope of forgiveness. You regain the grace once lost, and are enveloped in My holy, loving em­brace. Do not allow demons of guilt, bitterness and self pity to overpower you. You are My creation, and in you dwells My Love and My Peace. All you need do is recognize My Love, My Peace and embrace Me through love and union of yourself in Me. It is not as difficult as you think.

It is self-pity to think, ‘I will never experience God’s Love.’ Not so! Not so! You have My power, if I dwell in you. Put aside these falsehoods of your created self-conscience, and live in the true consciousness of your being in Me. There you will find the abyss of union and the peace of Love.

Take the time now to change your ways of deception. You need time to change a way of life. You knew no other! Do not wait for wonders of Heaven and hope you will one day just wake up! You are given the grace. I am with you to support you, to help you face the illusions of interpersonal fears; but I give you the authority to make the decision to end the confusion of your troubled hearts, and turn them into hearts of self-unity in My Love! Make the choice and commence the walk. My door is open. Now you must walk through it. Healing is but a step away.  Peace and Love. Ad Deum.