Vol IV Lesson 59

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Volume IV Lesson #59





My dear one, My words today to My people are few. I want them to be aware that the enthusiasm behind their motives is great, but to caution them that they check themselves that their motives are not for themselves but, instead, for God’s glory.

Enlighten your mind and spirit through enthusiasm, but be careful that your motives are not self-pleasing through vanity, instead of pleasing for the Heavens. Do not be overburdened by work you undertake for My sake, nor allow it to trouble you. Remember My promise to you, and this will be your consolation.

Sorrows and burdens will come, and they will pass. Place your trust in Me. You will never be stricken very long. All trials and sufferings end. They will pass by more quickly than you may realize. Most importantly, continue to crosscheck yourself that your actions and way of life are ones which affirm My Love. Many start out enthused to conquer. Few realize that the way to conquer is to be conquered first by God.

The pleasures of the “self” must be conquered; and due to your human natures, they can only be conquered in the midst of pain! Then all you conquer is for the glory of God. Be careful, especially as you make changes, that your changes are for your well-being in My Kingdom, and not for your well-being in the world. It will make a difference, at the least moment of expectation, when God searches your soul for purity from grandiosity!

I love My people—make no mistake—and My Love is not in vain. What I do for you, I do for the Heavens. What is accomplished in the Heavens is accomplished for you! Love and peace, My little one.  Ad Deum.