Vol IV Lesson 6

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #6

St. Maria Goretti Church in front of Blessed Sacrament




My dear child, never fear of My punishment. Fear of losing Me is the loss men risk when they denounce Me and do not desire the gifts of life.

I am here always with you because of My Love. The choice is for all My people. They decide which path to walk instead of surrendering to Me to guide them on the right path, separate from the ones they are taking.

Man looks for support of his journey and acceptance from other men. Words move them. They either boost them in pride or offend them through insult and shame. Those who know the Kingdom, know that words of God and trust are the true ways. Those who trust in Me are not moved by the offenses of man’s words. Those who are guilty mend their ways! Those who are innocent accept the offenses against them with offer­ing to God. They are not moved for acceptance of man and acceptance of words pleasing to them, because they know it is I Who sees the ways of those who are guilty and the ways of those who are innocent!

It is I Who am the judge. I make judgment, not man. When man attempts to place judgment falsely on those who are in­nocent, I am the One Who rectifies in the Kingdom the only one and true judgment.

I know the deepest incentives of each man’s heart, the doers and the receivers! I even secretly place pretrial judg­ment to test the trust of My people and to see the depth of the commitment and devotion they claim to profess.

Today, My Lesson is to tell My people that I am He Who places judgment. Do not allow the words of man to harm you. Trust in Me and in My words, and My judgment shall find you free! If you are knowingly guilty, change your ways by rectifying your behavior to reflect the goodness of God, by being faithful to My commandments.

Those who are innocent know that I am the judge, not man. Offer in sacrifice your crucifixion, and be at peace. The grace of your trust has blessed you with the Kingdom of Peace. I shall come to your aid and be by your side at all times.

Bless you, My dear one, as I look to the heavens of wor­ship and I proclaim to you the goodness of God’s Love. Peace comes in trusting and adoring. It is a grace. Peace finds you. You do not find peace!

Adore Me in purity without consolation, and you will be free always. No man can give you the freedom that I give. Hope always in Me and not the message! Know your state of being will proclaim My goodness, and it does not matter what you do daily to grant you happiness. If you trust in Me, you will have the peace I merit you. Words will not sway you, but you will be grounded firmly in the soil, and your fruits bountiful. Peace.