Vol IV Lesson 61

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Volume IV Lesson #61




My dear one, after you lose yourself in Me, and face your fears to find no fear at all, you are left with a renewed life of freshness and simpleness, diving into the unknown, surfacing with self assurance in God’s grace and a deeper bonding love to Him. I also dove into this abyss of fear and surfaced in Him Who sent Me. I am He Who is! You are who We are in oneness.

It is a different arena of emotions and feelings. You no longer run to find pleasures in worldly attractions. In fact, you no longer run! You remain still and allow the abyss of My Love to make My abode in you. Again, I speak these words for all My people. You are all My people, and My people are you! You are all one in Me and one in each other.

Always take time for Me to rest in you. Invite Me. See that you arrange your daily activities in order to schedule time for developing your relationship with Me, and for allowing Me to energize you to develop yourself further. Allow Me to be the catalyst in developing your relationship with yourself and with Me. I will not withhold My grace from you. There is life beyond a life of fear! That life is life now, living in joy and acceptance in Me.

I will not strip you of your identity; but, instead, I will reinforce your identity within yourself. I am a giving, surrendering God of Love. I give and only take away, to give more abundantly to you!

Peace lies within. That which is external draws its existence from that which is internal. Peace can live externally once it exists internally. Peace lies within! I am within!

As the gentle breeze pushes useless, aggravating thoughts away, it refreshes you with My Spirit to instill simpleness and praises of the goodness of God. All work goes rewarded that is done in the spirit of giving. Never lose sight of yourself. Without you there is nothing!

I need you. You are precious! The Kingdom is for you and awaits you. You, yourselves, your inner being is a pre­cious temple of God. Love yourselves inwardly. Listen with a listening heart. You are not trapped in a confining world; for I exist, and you now can succeed to an inner freedom by taking the steps of loving yourself in Me. I lay the foundation. You need only to exercise and utilize the tools to inner freedom and love. There lies Peace—within! There, then, will lie the external peace of your world, through Love.

Peace, My little one. Ad Deum. Peace, the yielding love.