Vol IV Lesson 69

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Volume IV Lesson #69




My dear one, remember always that I work in all circumstances. When you are upset and irritable, turn to Me and ask for My Love and peace to fill you. Remember that My Mother experienced the sword through her Heart for love of Me. The sword first pierced her Heart, then penetrated and gashed Mine.

I will never abandon you or any of My people. Take the time to gain through prayer and the abyss of My Love. If you abandon your soul to Me, you will not be afraid of your en­emies, nor will you seek to be justified in word or deed.

Allow the Holy Spirit to grace you and act in you. Have confidence that whatever happens will benefit all souls. You will not fully understand how the Holy Spirit works in you and for what purpose, until you reach the highest level of abandoning yourself to God. In order to receive My grace, you must surrender. Allow my grace to replace everything in your life on which you rely heavily.

Focus your attention on what is happening right now, not what happened in the past, or what may come to pass. In this way, the Will of God can move in you.  I am the One with all!  I dwell in all, but the freedom of the free will allows for surrendering and, hence, virtues to be bestowed.

I shall guide you through all difficulties. Rely, alone, on My guidance, not humanity. Nothing is done without significance. I love all My people, and I will defend and protect My people at the appropriate time! My people cannot understand My time, but I will be with those who are self-abandoned, even in moments when they turn away from Me in frustration, hurt and anger. I know how you are willing from the beginning, and that your temperament is only temporary. I await your return lovingly, without passing judgment on you.

I am so happy when you allow Me to fill you with My Peace and My Love. My Love is a rejoiceful one, and all hu­man guilt dissipates in it! My Love bears fruit and results in no punishment. I only teach My people because I love them, and I so much desire them to be free in their lives.

Bless you, My dear people. Do not be troubled, as you may initially fluctuate in your temperaments. Abandon further. Be gentle on yourselves and keep surrendering. I will grace you and protect you as you grow in love.

 Peace. Ad Deum.