Vol IV Lesson 8

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Volume IV Lesson #8




O’ My dear beloved one, I am always by your side, watching your steps as I watch all My people. I wait for all to be absorbed in My Presence, attending to Me. Come and sit with Me with no thoughts, with emptiness even in your darkness. It is a growth in humility. It is better to have little knowledge and weak understanding than the hopes of gaining knowledge and wallowing in self-conceit!

Reflect on your graces and the light you may have now. But what if that might be taken away? How, in your fervor now, would you react if that light left? I Who give light can take it away! If your light leaves, know that it may come back as I merit. Darkness is a growth in humility and trust, darkness to self-conceit. It is growing through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, paying attention to the whisper of the Holy Spirit Who speaks beneath your personal desires.

I want My people to know that My Love for them is strong in humility. I am Love because I am humble.  I am God, and I love in humility. I do not need guards. I open Myself for everyone’s love so that they can come to Me in openness.

Are you so impor­tant that you need guards surrounding your pride and ego, preventing any risk of meeting humility? Do not jeopardize your destiny by escaping the Truth. Do not run after the yearn­ings of messages and seers! This shall pass as everything will pass. Pay attention to Me and My words in humility. Do not allow your time to pass, for that is risking your security by not coming to Me in humility. I am speaking about self-conceit, lack of sincerity, lack of truth, dishonesty, lack of dignity, mercilessness, uncom-passionate self-injury and self-destruc­tion through synthetic chemicals.

Can’t you see that I want you to just be in My Presence? Tend to your daily duties and responsibili­ties the best you can, and be with Me! Do not wait until you are confused in turmoil and in need of assistance. Come to Me now, for later it will be far too difficult to focus on Me because of your illness of self-conceit and lack of humility!!

No one is competent of My Love; but because of My Love for you in humility, I make you righteous in Me. Must you always have an answer when you come before Me? Can you not come in emptiness and leave without any answers because of your love for Me, wanting only to be with Me, singing praises of love?

I love you, dear one, because you sit with Me. Whether I fill you with spiritual emptiness or fervor, your desire for Me is what I desire for all My people. Make your wish for Me this night, and it shall be granted.  Peace, little one.