Vol IV Lesson 9

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #9




My dear one, man places importance on spiritual things according to the standards of the world. My people believe that their wisdom comes from the length of time they have been practicing prayer. They imagine that graces will be­get to them because they impose a value on their prayer which they feel they deserve—immeasurable gifts depending on the length of time they have been praying. Do they not know that I can do in someone in a matter of a short time what would normally take another years of prayer to achieve?

I am asking for devotion and commitment to prayer through the love of your heart, not through spiritual vanity. Pray for spiritual emptiness so that true devotion to Me can exist! Many practice their devotion when they feel spiritually comforted. This is spiritual vanity, placing value on yourself, imposed on you by you!! How few there are who are devoted to me in emptiness, because few people risk the trouble to themselves to follow Me and grow through the aches and pains of darkness where My Truth of purification and cleansing lies.

I come to My people in two ways: one in the form of comfort, the other in trials. I deem fit what is merited for them. I rebuke their vanity and vices, or I exhort and comfort them with virtue.

Be devoted to Me in all times of blessings or inner turmoils. Do not weigh importance of your own spirituality by the length of time you have practiced prayer, or what accomplishments you have achieved for others. I tell you to be devoted to Me and seek My acceptance, not the ac­ceptance created by the standards of mankind. I tell you this because the day is coming when the Son of Man will give you a warning of the bitterness of chastisement, where each man and woman across the world will see the judgment of themselves.

If you seek acceptance and weigh the importance of spiri­tuality based on the standards of mankind and its vanity, your judgment will be hard because your judgment will be the one you make against yourself. If you seek acceptance of Me and are devoted to Me with all the painstaking steps I lead you through now for purification, you will see that My path is not rocky or narrow, but is a royal thoroughfare of Love leading to eternal freedom. Your judgment can be peaceful because of the love of yourself and for others through, by and because of Me!

The day is coming, and it is coming soon, when the chastisement set forth from my Father cannot be escaped, but can be mitigated through prayer of devotion for Me. Begin now. Love yourself now. Be free now. Do not wait, or it will be too late!

Man needs time to change, to die to the “self” made shame­ful through the lack of dignity and a burdened society, and be free. Place little expectations on yourselves, so that your expectations of others shall diminish to extinction.

Write My words on your heart and diligently contemplate them. Man is cheated of his hopes, but My words are words of Truth and everlasting Life. They shall never deceive you. Have confidence in Me!

Remember your former ways and poverty when you were far from Me? Always fear God and love. Be devoted to Me. Do not imagine you can impose something on My Father because of your perception of what you think you deserve! Focus on Me, and love yourselves and one another in My Name.

I bless you, and My Peace I bring through My Divine Mercy.   Ad Deum.