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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume V Lesson #1

At Villa St. Michael in front of the Blessed Sacrament

November 11,1994





My dear little one, I your Lord love you and give to you My Most Sacred Heart in which to rest.  I betroth to you My Mother who is the Mediatrix of all graces and good cheer.  My little one, I wish for My people to know that I am in their midst at all times, but in a very real way in My Most Blessed Sacrament.  I invite all My people to raise their hearts to God the Father through My Blessed Sacrament.  When you come before Me, be at peace.  Rest in My love.  Put aside all distractions, fear, worry and concern.  Realize you are before Me and contemplate My love and goodness.  If you will absorb My love and rest in My love, your heart, mind, and soul will be rejuvenated and will rise to an ecstasy of joy.  When you rest in My Heart, a peace overcomes you, almost a state of sleep; but you are resting truly in My Most Sacred Heart where I am carrying you and sifting through all your needs and organizing all your spiritual and temporal needs for the glory of God the Father.


I love you, little one, and I love all My people.  I invite all to be “little”.  When you are “little”, the Father is able to embrace your soul ever so tightly and He will protect you.  Nothing is able to slip by Him without His blessing and knowledge.  Therefore you can be sure of safety and protection in His love.  How My Father desires to be the tender Father of all My people.  They will not allow Him because many are so fearful of Him and have kept their distance.  Many are lacking the knowledge of His tender love and kindness and have ignored His calling of peace.  Therefore, many people restrict the graces and good fortunes designated for them.  O’ how the love pours forth from His rays of light.  Tell My people, my little one, of His love and invite all to a new light of truth, free of confusion.


Here I am before you in My Most Blessed Sacrament commencing the next set of lessons for My people.  Elevate your soul in My love.  Put aside all fear, worry and distractions.  Rest in My love.  Rest in My peace.  Rest in Me as I rest in you.  Let us unite for we are ONE.


Little one, you thought I had forgotten you because you have not heard My words and lessons for My people for two years, but I have not forgotten.  If all would forget you, I would not forget you.  It is the same for all My people.  What is matter of minutes?  It is time now to take My words for My people.  I bless you and I love you.  Know that it is not that I was ignoring you.  It was not the you now.  Contemplate these words of Mine and ponder them in your heart!  Peace.



End of Lesson #1.