Vol V Lesson 10

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Volume V Lesson #10

In private chapel at home

March 26, 1995





My dear little one, My children who perform My works of love and mercy are continually judged falsely and are scandalized by others.  This is because the poisonous venoms of resentment, jealousy and pride continue to seep into the wicked who thrive on self-love.  They judge My beloved ones falsely and attempt to spoil the good fruits of charity.  How impure are the motives of those who scandalize the virtuous servants of Mine!  How this human generation has become blind to its own dignity!  Do you not see that those who are chained to the vices of envy, impatience, jealousy, gossip and hatred, are slaves to sin?  They no longer are great but have become small, and are no longer rulers but have become slaves to the prince of darkness.  That is why the prince of darkness, Satan, was hurled down from the heavens.  His pride and jealousy caused him to boast in self-righteousness and self-love to the point that he would have no glory shared with any human being.  He wanted all for himself.  From the poison of envy, pride and jealousy grew an incurable hatred which resulted in death.


Those who do not pay heed to My words of love and mercy are deprived of life because they live to sin.  But I increase the virtues of mercy and charity in My children.  Their torments only increase their graces.  Those who judge falsely however will live in their own torment, for in the end they will falsely judge their own practices.  They will be in misery for they will not allow My mercy to dwell in them.  They will judge their sin to be greater than My mercy and will therefore be eternally tormented.


Tell My people My words, little one.  It is not My desire that any one person miss the bridge of life and the refreshing waters from which abundant graces flow.  I desire all to live in purity and integrity.  Know the truth from the deadly effects of sin.  To you, My beloved ones, who strive to live in My humility, love and mercy, be not afraid.  Your torments will result in your crown of glory which I will share with you.  All you who are scandalized, take “courage” and with your staff (walking stick) in hand, valiantly conquer the evil of envy with love and perseverance in truth.  I am with you always and My Kingdom is yours.  All I have I give to you.  I bless you, My beloved people.  Peace.



End of Lesson #10