Vol V Lesson 11

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Volume V Lesson #ll

In private chapel at home

April 30, 1995





My little one, peace be with you.  I your Lord God bring you peace for I am Peace.  I do not wish for My people to be distraught but to be filled with joy in the Lamb of God.  REJOICE  and be filled with joy!  I am with you.  My mercy is upon you and I shall not abandon you.  Be at peace.  Live in My love.  Receive My joy.  I tell you that not one shall be lost for all are accounted for by My Father.  All My chosen little ones belong to Him.  Not one will stray away that My Father will not bring back to Him.  Be at peace.  Live in charity and love for one another.  Rejoice, I am your Lord God, your merciful Savior  Only you can deny yourself My glory by not allowing Me to be merciful.  But all my people have until their last breath to ask for My mercy.


Very few of My people have joy in their Savior.  I desire all to come to Me in praise and rejoicing.  I do not desire My people to be filled with sorrow or sadness.  As I purify and cleanse My people there are emotions and sentiments of self-pity, sadness and sorrow.  But I do not want My people to  be distraught by these sentiments but instead rejoice, be glad and have hope.  The pride must be stripped in order that humility can replace it.  It takes time to grow in holiness, charity and love because of human weakness, sinfulness and vices of the flesh.  My mercy soothes the pain when My truth lances the flesh of its many vices.  Therefore, rejoice in gratitude that you are loved by Me and that you are being purified in order for you to share eternal glory with Me.  I love My people beyond their comprehension.  Allow your hearts to rest in My love and in My peace, for I am with you.  Trust with confidence in My love.  Rejoice when you receive ill-treatment for the sake of My Name.  You belong to Me.  What I have so shall you have.  As I have suffered so shall you share in My suffering.  Where I am in glory so too shall you share in My glory.  Be at peace and rejoice in your Savior’s MERCY!  Peace to you.



End of Lesson #11.