Vol V Lesson 12

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Volume V Lesson #12

In private chapel at home

May 31, 1995





My dear little one, it is with joy that I come to you and My people.  I find joy in My beloved people because I love them.  The wonder of love fills those who take joy in all they do and encounter each day; joy, because the will of God unfolds as they fulfill their responsibilities in simpleness.  The will of God is revealed as you work, pray, encounter and interact with all people.  Those who work, focusing on the simpleness of My love, find joy.  I find joy in My people when I look upon families, marriages, children, single lay people, religious, and all men and women who fulfill their daily duties consecrated to the will of God.  What joy I have when I see two people as husband and wife consecrated to God in love and simpleness praying together.   I find joy in My young ones who do their best in their daily chores, studies, play and prayer.  I take joy in My little children, pure of heart and innocent, and in all parents who strive in prayer to live in love and harmony in the family.  I find joy in My children who are obedient to their parents in love.  The will of God unfolds in all people as they simply remain open, surrendering to love, utilizing all avenues of love which perfect them in holiness.  They are filled with joy and peace because they are dedicated to their daily obligations in the littleness and simpleness of My love.  Oh, how I am filled with joy in My people.  I take delight in them when they desire to fulfill the will of God.  I take delight in My religious who dedicate their lives to proclaiming My truth of love.  My priests and My religious suffer tremendously as they refuse to follow deception but remain loyal to My current Vicar your Pope and My Church, regardless of any pressure to do otherwise.  I find joy in all who are dedicated to My truth at all costs and who are consecrated to My Most Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  The Two Hearts shall reign in victory and the day will come forth when all the world will know of the triumph of the TWO HEARTS.


I love you, my little child, you who hold the keys for all children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  I love you.  I love all My people as I love you.  Blessed be God the Father for His unconditional love and kindness which shower graces upon My people.  Blessed be His Holy Name.  Find joy in the Father, My beloved ones.  He is Love and the Source of Peace.  I give you My peace for I give to you all that He has given to Me.  Blessings My people in unity and oneness of the Triune God.



End of Lesson #12.