Vol V Lesson 14

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Volume V Lesson # 14

In private chapel at home

August 1, 1995





My dear little one, the dawn brings on a new day, a new day filled with My love, goodness, tenderness and gentleness.  The dawn is the break from the darkness of the night when the light rises and shines through to brighten the pathway of love and the horizon of freshness, hopes and wonders.  There is no more fear of the dark and uncertainty of the future.  The dawn brings hope for the tomorrow of My love.  The dawn enlightens and unfolds My love today.  It is good, and those who persevere await the moment in hope and confidence.  They know the night will end and that with time the dawn will emerge and the light will brighten the sky.


I speak these words so that My people will know that perseverance in hope will bring on the new day of goodness.  Good will always prevail and love will always be victorious for all who pray, hope and work for tomorrow.  Peace in your duties and faithfulness to your responsibilities will ensure victory in My love.  There will always be challenges but none too difficult nor My yoke too heavy to carry.  The harvest is many but the laborers are few.  Those who are close to the reign of God and the kingdom of Goodness work diligently interiorly and exteriorly, challenging themselves to grow in My love and mercy, and to be Me.  They know the darkness of the night will pass and they hope in perseverance for the dawn of My light.  Change takes time.  Gentleness is what is needed to meet the challenges of the new dawn.  They know it is most necessary to meet all challenges with love and to move ahead valiantly and with courage.  They know they will meet failure and vices of their flesh along their journey.  But they also know that love is the sword which slays these failings and that gentleness of self will assuredly make them victorious in My love.  And when the new dawn of My light approaches, it will find them waiting with patience, confidence and hope, having persevered through the night.  I will take these My few laborers and give to them My crown of glory; and they shall help all those who are lost on the way, those who started on the path but became distracted from  persevering and stranded themselves in the cloud of confusion.  They will be found by my laborers and brought back once again to the pathway of love and will be encouraged to continue on in hope, meeting with courage all obstacles and challenges.  With love, gentleness and perseverance they also will rise above them.  Look to the dawn which is sure to rise, the dawn of hope for all who persevere and endure.  Peace, little one. Peace to all My people.



End of Lesson #14