Vol V Lesson 15

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Volume V Lesson #15

In private chapel at home

August 4, 1995





My dear little one, you cannot worry about what will happen tomorrow.  You need not focus on anything but what you are to do today or you will experience anxiety and uncertainty.  It is good to plan, but do not be consumed with making sure that your plans are fulfilled.  Allow God’s will to unfold in the midst of your plans.  Maintain peace of heart and serenity.  You cannot make something happen just as you cannot make someone love you.  I cannot make My people love Me.  It is their free will that I have given to them as a gift.  No matter how much you try to impress people or prove to them you have changed from your old ways, and no matter how kind you are to them, giving gifts of love, you cannot gain their acceptance or trust.  They have free will to choose what and who they desire to love and accept.  That is why I have told you to focus on Me your Lord, nothing more, nothing else, nothing less.  You will gain peace and serenity of heart in My love. You will always have My acceptance and My love.   You need not prove to Me that you have changed, for I have given you the grace to change.  You need not try to impress Me. My love is unconditional, and it is I who bear gifts of love for My people.


People can be very cruel.  When they choose their way above God’s Way, when they decide not to walk the path of love I have walked before them, they lose sight of truth and reality.  They become blinded by the consuming desire to fulfill their quest, and in the process they become very cruel in nature and behavior.  What they define as freedom and the reign of freedom is not the stepping stone to unconditional love, but that of control and manipulation.  That is why I continually invite all people to return to God, to love unconditionally and to be merciful.  Many of My little ones become targets of pain from the belittling comments and cruel words of others.  They try to give of themselves unconditionally in love and in the process are lashed out at in return for their efforts.  These My little ones many times feel abandoned by God, but it is not so.  As my little ones turn to Me and refocus once again on My love, they are strengthened and become the pillars of My unconditional love.  Step by step they become victorious in the eyes of God and merit the crown of glory.


Why must it be so?  Because, little one, all who love as I love must die as I died.  It was My people who made their fate by their verdict they passed on Me.  They made their own fate by their judgment on Me.  Now all who live as I live and desire to share in My glory must die as I died, in love and in humility.  Remember, I was victorious in death, and in love of My people I died in order that all might live and share in My reign.  I would do it again, for My love for My people surpasses all love.  Those who desire to follow this love must walk the walk, carry their cross and be crucified in My crucifiable love and mercy.  Peace this day, little one, as the mysticism of My love unfolds in all its wonders.



End of Lesson #15.