Vol V Lesson 21

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World



Volume V Lesson #21

In private chapel at home

October 4, 1995





My dear little one, when My people come to Me and love surpasses all measures, they are bound to Me in the gift of piety.  They receive confidence in My love and in My care for them.  Piety is having knowledge of God, but the gift allows you to perform your obligations to others out of the affection you bear for them in your heart.  It is not out of justice or a duty but a measure of love, a love which passes all limits.  You join a fraternity with your brethren and your soul overflows with a love you bear for them.  Confidence fills you when you allow yourself to belong to Me, to trust in Me like a little child trusts a parent.  This littleness allows you to rise spiritually to great levels of achievement in My love.  You attain the perfection of My love.  When someone comes to you for help, reflect on your motives.  If you give to him out of obligation or duty, you limit the gift you can receive.  Give out of the great affection of your heart and you will master this gift of piety.  Love has no measures or standards.  You can join in human fraternity through a genuine love and affection for each soul.  To be pious is to put total confidence in Me.  It is to surrender unconditionally and entrust everything to Me.  It is to embrace Me with a Divine filiation.  This type of unlimited confidence allows sin to be expiated.  Your life becomes a reflection of Mine, both in pain and consolations.  Love separates you from everything.  It separates you from social position, wealth and anxiety.  It liberates you in My freedom; yet, it will also strip your soul of its material cover, giving you the great consolation of freedom.  Do not look to justice but to mercy.  Bear a great affection for your brethren of love.  I love all My people and desire them to see the many masks which shield their souls from the truth.  Liberate in total freedom through love of Me and confidence in Me.  Give to one another out of love not out of duty.  Do not seek  justice, seek mercy.  Love has no measures.


Blessings on My beloved people.  Peace to all. Pray for all in love for them and share your gifts by utilizing the many graces you have received in order that you will attain more.  Unfathomable graces of love and mercy are yours.



End of Lesson #21.