Vol V Lesson 26

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Volume V Lesson #26

In private chapel at home

October 27, 1995





My dear little one, I am a God for all people.  I created all which is in existence.  I love all people for I created all people.  There is nothing I cannot do or accomplish.  I Am Who Am.  I want all My people to know how tender, kind and loving I am.  I do not want My people to be afraid of Me.  The way to follow Me is to live My Word in simplicity.  When you are confused, call on Me.  Follow My Way in simplicity and remain patient.  My saints were tempted and confused, and they met with many desolations, but they practiced patience for they knew I would come to their aid.  Much unfolds for your sanctification and growth in humility.  I will come in due time to give the consolation needed.  Be at peace and do not lose focus on your Jesus.


Confidence in My love and trust in My assistance to help you are key elements.  You hold the power in your own heart to unfold and control outcomes to many issues.  The power is in the level of confidence you have in Me.  The more confident and trusting you are of Me, the more pleasure you will take in maintaining peace of heart and  the more freedom you will experience because of your security in My love.  You will not be worried or concerned as to the future, but you will be more surrendered and detached.  Power rests in your heart through confidence because you will know that I will ensure that all will go as God wills and everything will be for your happiness.  When you place your confidence in Me, you never have to worry about your future.  Every moment of your life is in My hands, in My hands of love, safety and protection.  As you are subjected to trials and tribulations, confidence in Me will allow you to surrender and accept all which is sent to you with patience and meekness of heart.  You never have to fear because in the end I will rescue you.  This does not mean that you will be free in your life from all trials, humiliations, mortifications or desolations, for all come from heaven to prepare you for the glory of My Father’s Kingdom.  It does mean that utilizing the gift of confidence and trust in My Divine love and mercy will free you, protect your soul, and gain you sanctification.  It takes many opportunities to practice humility and patience before perfection reaches sainthood.  It is how you prepare to reach the finish line.


Always strive to be loving and master all trials and tribulations through trust and confidence.  Even if you initially fail, you have not failed.  Each time you have gained wisdom and have practiced the virtues of humility and patience.  Each time you become more like Me until you are Me in Divine love and mercy.  Never lose sight of the fact that I am always with you and that I am your God, a God for all people for I created all things in existence and all people.  I am a loving God.  I love all My people.  Nothing unfolds unless it is allowed by My Father.  Therefore, confidence in Him will secure your safety and position in His Kingdom.  Trust that what unfolds in your life is to release you from the chains of this world and to gain for you true freedom and joy.  There is so much you cannot see around you which inhibits your growth.  My Father sees and knows what will truly make you happy.  Trust in God!  Trust in your Jesus of Mercy!  TRUST!  TRUST!  TRUST!  Do not say “yes” and then try to take back your “yes”.  Make your “yes” a “YES” and TRUST!  Be patient.  Be filled with hope and anticipation of the freedom and joy to come.  Peace, little one, to you and My beloved ones, My people.  Peace.



End of Lesson #26