Vol V Lesson 4

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Volume V Lesson #4

In private chapel at home

January 6, 1995





My little one, My love for you will never cease.  My love for My people will never cease.  I carry the wounds in My Most Sacred Heart from all the division and wicked ways so many have chosen to pursue.  But in My love I will never turn from them, for My door is open to all who desire to enter.  It is My people who cease to grow in My love and cease loving Me.  They are imperfect in love and grow slack in their journey when they cease to love their neighbor and render service to them.  When you withdraw charity from your neighbor because there is no consolation for your own profit, your love is impure.  The amount of love you share with your neighbor through charity and unconditional service is proportional to the amount of love you have for Me.  To have the treasure of eternal life in Me your love must be pure.


I love all unconditionally and reward each according to their labor of love.  Do you not see, little one, that virtues are developed through openness and unconditional charity to one another?  Few arrive at the optimum perfection of love because they first seek self-love and give only as a result of what they can receive in return.  How blessed are those who desire Me by giving unconditionally to their neighbor the charity and love so much needed.  Blessed are those who do not seek self-love but self-knowledge in the truth of My Divinity.  Blessed are those who venture in My love, risking all entities beneficial to themselves without seeking consolation in return.  These are My people who trust in My Divine Mercy and humbly submit to My Will.  I have so much to give but few who will truly remain faithful to Me without turning away.  Many desire Me but then close the door to their hearts when opportunities do not prove profitable for them.


Little one, today in My lesson to My people I want them to know that the amount of love they render in charity to their neighbor is the amount of love they have for Me.  Ponder My Words and recognize your position with your neighbor.  Evaluate your self-love which consists of conditions, and strive to love as I am Love.  Practice!  Purity of heart rises from unconditional service and charity.  Perfection of love will become the gem which will brighten the path to the throne of God the Father.  Peace, little one.  My love to My beloved People.



End of Lesson #4.