Vol V Lesson 5

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume V Lesson #5

In private chapel at home

January 27, 1995





My dear one, the days have come when man (“man” is both male and female gender) walks a path of his choice and liking.  There are many paths which cross, but only one path which leads to My Kingdom.  There is no distinction from one path to another unless you are on My path.  Only then will you know the Way.  I desire all My people to choose My path, but the road seems too narrow for them.  They desire wider paths and more space in rushing for freedom.  They do not realize the freedom they are racing to grasp can only be found on the pathway to My Father’s Kingdom.


I have long since been reaching out to My beloved people in very intimate ways, making known the truth of My Presence and protection, but few truly capture the essence of My love.  Why is this?  (Jesus asked me to respond.)  Yes, little one, it is because they are afraid.  They do not trust in My words.  How can they take delight in the Word when they do not trust in the Word?  I have told them, “Be not afraid, I am with you always”; but these are merely words to them, not reality.  They do not see Me with their eyes, and consequently they make opinionated remarks and conclusions that I have abandoned them.  What the eyes do not see, the soul sees.  It is faith in God that permits you to trust.  Faith is a grace which is given to My people by the Holy Spirit.  Faith however is not practiced in the fervor of love.  Blessed are they who believe and do not see.  Pray for a deepening of your faith in order that you will gain trust in Me.  Do you not know that all things are possible with God?  Why then do you limit your opportunity to grow and attain great achievements through your lack of trust?  Trust in Me.  Be not afraid.  You do not understand that which is Divine and therefore cannot comprehend the depth and breadth of My Presence at your side at all times.  Place your confidence in Me.  This is your choice in selecting which pathway to walk.  Choose the path of faith, trust, and confidence.  This path is the pathway to freedom.  My path is not narrow except for those who through their desire to control and their fear have placed their own limitations and restrictions which narrow the dimensions of My path.  This results in them selecting an alternate path instead of Mine.  I love all My people, little one.  All are special to Me.  All are accounted for in My love.  There can be tremendous progress for all who make the decision to trust and utilize their faith.


My dear one, I am with you.  I want to see all My people take delight in the Word, for I am the Word.  If you love Me, you will love also your neighbor.  How can you love your neighbor if you do not take delight in the Word?  Study the Word.  Know the Word and you will know the passion of fidelity and true love.  The more you take delight in God, the more you will receive, for the more you surrender and are willing to receive.  Delight in the Word through the eyes of your soul.  Be refreshed in My love.  Be comforted through your trust and faith in Me.  Be rewarded with the Kingdom of God on the path which leads to the Divine Gates of Heaven.  I bless you, little one, and all people, with the blessing of My Father.  Peace to you all.  Peace.



End of Lesson #5.