Vol V Lesson 6

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume V Lesson #6

In private chapel at home

February 6, 1995





My dear little one, I your Lord God am merciful.  I have not dealt harshly with My people as in the days of old when Moses proclaimed My covenant to My people.  They were a wicked generation not willing to follow My way and change their stone hearts from evil ways.  I have made a new covenant with My people through the sacrifice of My life in order that they would be saved from final damnation.  I have told My people that I am a merciful God and that I want repentant hearts.  I have kept My promise from past ages of leading My people out from exile to the land of milk and honey.  I have protected My people, clothed them, fed them, and I have walked among them.  Why do so many of My people turn from Me and choose the comforts of this world instead of the long-lasting eternal comforts?  They continue to show Me their disinterest in knowing Me.  They have no desire for the opportunity to grow in knowledge, wisdom, compassion or charity.  Their desires are short-lived in momentary pleasures of self.  They have forsaken Me.  How long should this continue before I hide My face from them and close the heavens?


My faithful people, by the light of their holy faith, have rekindled the darkness to light.  They offer Me the sacrifice of justice with holy lives.  They are the pearls of My mercy through their upright and holy lives.  They render Me glory and praise, despising vice and embracing virtue.  These, My beloved people, through their desire to grow in the opportunity of knowledge and wisdom, are the soothing balm on My most broken heart.  By living virtuously, they cauterize the wound of sin in the world, giving Me honor for the salvation of souls.  They do not think of themselves, but of My honor.  Their service is unconditional.  These are My people, where in My garden they dwell.  Their actions are the peace and light in the minds of all people.  For My faithful ones have upheld My Holy Church.


My people with indifference and disinterest in correcting their sin continue to act like blind ones, pretending not to see their ways.  They fear of the loss of their position or material goods; and they are deprived of the light of knowledge and of all grace, all because of their lukewarm hearts of indifference and disinterest.  They do not correct their faults.  They do not attempt to pray unless they receive consolation in return.  They do not stand firm in penance, so they are blind and confounded in guilt.  My people who are dwelling in My sweet fragrance of mercy do not act as such.  They do not fear to correct their ways and ultimately burn in the inextinguishable fire of My love.  They are My angels of light.


Make known to My people My truth, little one.  Never fear, for I walk amongst you, clothe you, and provide you food to eat.  Do not be afraid.  I am with you, never to leave you.  Tell My people My words.  Pray for My people.  Bring them to Me in prayer so that none may be lost.  Peace, little one.  My peace I give to you.  Share My peace with all people.  I have rested My hand of authority on you.  Bring all My people home to My Most Sacred Heart.  I bless you.



End of Lesson #6