Vol V Lesson 7

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume V Lesson #7

In private chapel at home

March 6, 1995



PRAYER:  The Tool of Intimacy


My dear little one, the grace of My Father is shed from His love for you and in His desire for you to be fulfilled in His love.  I want all to come to Me in simplicity, seeking a deeper union with Me through prayer.  Prayer elevates the mind, heart and soul into the abyss of truth:  truth of self-knowledge, truth in humility, truth in obedience, and truth of knowledge of your Savior.  My Father bestows His blessing of grace for prayer.  All I desire from My people is to have an intimate relationship with them.  I desire for them to come to Me in solicitude and submissiveness.  I desire them to come before Me even in their compunction of sin.  I just want My people to spend time with Me, to be with Me, to share with Me all their concerns, joys, sorrows and challenges.  I desire to be asked for guidance.  I desire to be their closest friend.  It is through the grace of prayer from My Father that this is possible.


Prayer is the vessel through which love is purified and perfected.  It is the tool of intimacy.  Take time to listen to My silence.  You will find in focusing on Me and listening to My words of love in silence that the business of your thoughts will be tempered in My love.  You will find the joy and depth of knowing love through knowledge of yourself.  You will know TRUTH.  Through continual prayer you will gain the grace of every virtue.  It is good to exercise mental prayer in addition to vocal prayer.  Meditate and ponder the mystery of love.  Pondering My love and My life will give rise to joy in the soul.  Prayer removes vice, and vice blinds My people.  When your heart is dedicated to My love, it is also dedicated to yourself; for My glory is also yours.  Love Me with all your heart and you will be inseparable from Me.  When I am adored, you too are honored.


Little one, desire what I desire.  Give heed to My grace and respond to My inspirations through prayer.  I love you and all My people.  I desire to give to all the fruits of truth, love and hope.  I am your Savior.  I desire to help My loved ones; but they desire not My help, for they continue to place restrictions on their lives by distancing themselves from Me and through their lack of prayer.  If you struggle with prayer, ask Me for the grace and I shall come to you.  Invite Me to be in your life.  I love you and desire you to receive abundantly.  Peace, little one.  Peace.



End of Lesson #7.