Vol V Lesson 9

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume V Lesson #9

In private chapel at home

March 20,1995





My little one, I give My people all the wonders of the world, the morning dew, the chirping birds, the freshness of spring flower blossoms.  I desire My people to recognize the beauty and wonders of the earth.  Give thanks to God the Father for His love and His creation.  Do not take for granted the beauty and simplicity, yet the greatness of the earth’s wonders.  Open your ears to hear the beauty of life.  Open your eyes to see His creation of life.  Open your hearts to receive His love and to know His sweetness and His truth.  How My Father works in the little small things, the little ones who are dependent on His love.


Have you ever pondered the wondrous works of God?  He is so powerful.  He desires you to be His glorious people, yet He has no need for you.  He has made you little less than a god because of His love for you.  You merit nothing at the works of your own hands.  Everything is given to you as a gift from Him.  Give praise O’ children of Israel to the Father of Mercy whose goodness surpasses all knowledge.  Be dependent on Him like little children.  He will hold you tight to His loving breast and will protect you against all enemies of hatred.  Come to God the Father.  His works are awesome and true.  His Name is wonderful.  He has crowned Me with glory and honor.  God the Father is great.  He gives life and brings death.  He brings healing to many and He inflicts injury on many.  He decrees what is necessary to bring the soul to perfection in His love.  All His works are wondrous, a sight for the eyes to behold in adoration.  Blessed be God the Father!  He has given you Me. He is Light without falsehood.  In the truth of His love He confounds the devil and destroys his lie so His people can follow the path to His gates of heaven.


Open your hearts My people.  Do not follow the father of falsehood, the father of lies.  It only leads to the road of damnation.  Follow Truth, Love and Peace, the road to heaven.  Your safety and security rests in God alone.  I love you My people.  Come, open your hearts.  Seek the Light of Eternal Truth.  God refreshes the weary and rewards good deeds of love.  Take delight in God.  He awaits your love.  Peace.



End of Lesson #9