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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan

By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


1. Creation

My child, before the beginning of time, My Father devised a plan of beauty for the creation of the universe. When man fell into sin through the deception of the evil one, My Father devised another plan for the salvation of humanity. My Father did not want His beloved people to suffer the consequences of death associated with their sin. God loved the creation of man dearly and wanted him to be able to share in His Divinity. He asked the Second Person of the Holy Trinity if He would become a “man” in every way except sin, and bear the weight of humanity’s sin so that all people could be redeemed and saved from the fires of hell. God desired for all His beloved people to have the opportunity to share in His glory.

He began by first sending prophets to teach the law of God and warn against vices, and He sent angels of His Light to protect and guide them. At the most perfect time, I your Jesus of Mercy, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, through My Divine Love silenced My Divine authority and equality with My Father and humbled Myself to assume such a role.