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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


19. My Poverty of Spirit

My little one, why do you think I came into the world poor and humble instead of as the glorious, righteous King to be attended by myriads of angels? I was more than poor. I also exemplified the purest spiritual poverty. It was so I could be the Guardian of your humanity. You live in a world today where people think that they should live it up and possess as much as the world can offer; but in the process, they are failing to see that the necessary ingredient needed to be an authentic human being was outlined and lived most perfectly through My poverty of spirit. I lived the misery of the world, even unto the torment of death, without the consolations of heavenly assistance and with total helplessness, so that I could live every aspect of your own humanity and give you hope and courage to be who you are in your own spiritual poverty on your own cross.

If you want to receive the joy of Divine things and submerge yourself into its glorious significance, then you must walk as I did, embrace who you are in your misery and weakness, and welcome the true essence of your humanity with poverty of spirit. How do you practice this poverty of spirit? You must learn to accept yourself, even if you may go unnoticed in your daily life, and even if your talents may be simple, not extravagant, without recognition, and common in the eyes of the world.

I lived this way. I did not exemplify any superiority or wealth which leads to self-centering honors. I stood alone as you all stand alone. No matter what you have exteriorly with all its pleasures and honors, you walk your walk alone. Satan would like you to be preoccupied with the glamours of life and submerge you into their temporary pleasures, masking the genuineness of being who you are in the pain of loneliness. He would like you to compromise the mission of your life, to live in total spiritual poverty, by feeding on the prestige of the world. If I walked the way as a common man, did I not set the true example of how to imitate God?

If you do not know who you are now in life, who you really are as a human being, then how do you expect to know the true Divinity? Your existence is only a glimpse of what is to come. I would like all my people to really ponder, reflect and contemplate what it has meant for them that I came as their Emmanuel (God is with us); and why I have lived the way I have lived and have embraced all the misery, pain, loneliness and helplessness of this impoverished humanity without accepting Divine assistance. This mystery is the key to how Divinity came into humanity and how Divinity is within the reach of every human being. Remember, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Peace, little one.