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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


22. Our Life in Nazareth

Well, little one, it came time for us to leave Egypt. My father waited until the climate was conducive for travel back to Nazareth. We carefully planned our travel and packed our belongings with precision and care. I personally gathered My precious wood carvings, wagon, and “little” lamb. We said good-bye to our friends, especially Elam, who had helped us find lodging when we arrived.

Summer was ending and autumn was nearing by the time we made our return to Nazareth. You could see the anticipation and wonderment in the eyes of My father as we were nearing Nazareth. My mother, in her wisdom and beauty, safeguarded the interior attacks on My father by saying, “Joseph, God is good to have protected us and provided us with the necessities of life. He surrounded us with His angels who protected our dignity, and He spared us from the sword of evil. It is good to return and give Him glory and praise through our courage and peaceful, resigned manner. All will be well, for God is with us.”

“Yes, my beloved,” Joseph responded, filled with many emotions. “I am certain Alphaeus has taken good care of our home. It is good to return. Let us sing a song of psalms to our Father for our safe arrival.” We then sang our way into Nazareth. As we entered our home, all of us were silent. Father broke the silence by saying, “Well, let me unload our belongings and make us a little more comfortable.”

“Yes, Joseph, and I will prepare something for you and Jesus with the leftover food with which we traveled. I am sure you both are hungry, and you need nourishment.”

It didn’t take me long to begin jumping and helping My Father. Not long after we settled in, My father’s brother Alphaeus and his wife came over with My two cousins Judas and James. They visited for awhile as we “three” played with stones and some of My wood shavings.

Alphaeus said, “Well, it will soon be time for school to begin for the boys. I expect Jesus will be joining them?”

My Mother said, “No, I will be teaching Jesus,” which met with startled looks from My dad’s brother and his wife (Mary).

But My dad said, “No, Mary will teach Jesus. She grew up in the Temple and knows the law just as well as any scholar. She shall teach Jesus, and I will teach him my trade. He will grow in dignity and learn the ways of manhood.”

With those words, Mary (Alphaeus’ wife) said, “Oh, perhaps since you will be home teaching and the boys love Jesus so well, and because the family has been apart awhile since you have been gone, perhaps they could join Jesus in His studies?”

My mother smiled; and as she said, “Of course,” Judas, James and I ran into the kitchen area screaming “hurray” and hugging My Mother. The three of us boys then walked outside arm in arm. This is where I shall end this part of our entrance back into Israel.

Peace, little one. The role of the family is quite important, and I would like all the world to know the implications if the family unit did not exist. There would be a broken society, filled with heartbreaking consequences and great suffering. A father and mother are needed to bring up each child with a healthy mind, heart and soul. Without families there would be tremendous perversions of many kinds. Ponder how the Truth becomes obscured and how the lives of humans harmed through deception and falsities of life when love and schooling in the areas of the true law are not brought to maturation through the family unit consisting of mother and father. Peace.