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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


24. The Painful Truth

As I walked into the room today, I heard My mother exclaiming in song, “I love you, O Lord, My strength, My God, My Shield. You have protected us, and kept us safe. Praised be your Name.”

“Good morning, little one,” she said with an inviting smile.

“Momma, why do people say mean words and hurt other people?”

“Many people do not desire to know the Truth as outlined by our forefathers; and through fear, they reject Love. They avoid responding to the Will of God. Perhaps, if they knew the Truth, they would respond.”

“I shall teach them,” I said.

“Jesus, you must learn and grow in Wisdom. Do not be quick to speak.”

“Why, momma?”

“Because, my Son, if you unveil too quickly an area which would expose or challenge a need for change, many times people may not admit or agree that change is needed and will reject you. Often times soldiers will even hurt you, if you offend them and expose their lack of charity. Few people desire true ‘littleness’ because they want to be in the light of fame, power and popularity. Please, be careful, Son. With time, as you continue to grow, you will teach Your Way of Love through action, silence and the proper words.”

“I will show you, momma, that I will be wonderful. Watch Me. Listen to this;” and as if projecting to a forum of people, I said, “O listen, people of this region. I say to you, it was not Moses who gave the bread from Heaven. My Father gives you the True Bread. This is the True Bread which gives you Life. Hear the Truth, O people. (Clap, momma.)”

“Alright, my little one, now let us work together for Your father is soon to return home for something to eat. My heart is glad, little one.” With a hug from My mother, I joyfully skipped to the door to look for My father.

Let us stop here for today, child. I want to share with you the importance of this lesson. People are all happy and eager to receive praises and to hear good, complimentary virtues about themselves; but the moment they are challenged with the Truth of My words, they become hesitant to receive anymore. Whether My words are spoken through the priest, rabbi, prophet, teacher, parent or any other person, everyone has the free will to decide to accept My Word or reject it. As trials and purgations surface in their lives, many struggle and run by trying to justify their own causes instead of trusting in My words and allowing Me to grace them to meet their challenges in peace.

The closer you get to Me, the more you must be cleansed, purged and tried, so that you can obtain total union with the Trinity and live in eternal peace. Silence, prayer and continuity in works of mercy will speedily gain you victory in My Love.

I give, I take away, I restore so that each soul can have the opportunity to become perfect and be able to share in the Beatific Vision of the Triune God. The Truth will always in the end be made known, even though it may take time to clearly understand. This is because pride, sins of malice, ways of confusion, division and even scandal block My Truth and become obstacles to growth in humility. I desire all to be My friends. I no longer desire servants as slaves, but as friends and companions. I desire all to join in harmony and live in peace. Even if there is not harmony, you can still individually gain My interior Peace.

I bless all people and give all people the opportunity to receive the grace to grow in the holiness of the Saints. The question is, when I give the grace and need arises to purge them of sin, who will remain faithful and hopeful in My Love? Silence, prayer, works of mercy and charity all abound in the fruition of grace and reveal the Truth of My Word. Peace.