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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan

By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


3. In the Womb

My child, I want to talk more on the period of time the baby is in the womb before we proceed on to My Birth into the world.

While in the womb, the baby can hear and feel what the mother feels. It is sensitive to all the external effects even though the baby is quite protected interiorly. The chemical makeup of the baby is a tremendous, miraculous piece of art from Heaven. It grows, and every cell of the body is different. It is a beautiful creation and gift from God. When the child is being developed, every migrating cell is bonding and carrying characteristic features from its parents. The child is developing a personality based on his/her mother’s and father’s interaction. The baby is infused with the peace and love shared between mother and father. The baby can also receive the brokenness, pain, and bruises from rejection and indifference.

This is why I have said how important it is for the mother to remain in a state of prayer, singing psalms of joy to God. In all her works and activities, the mother must be conscious of God’s Love and do her best in preserving His Love, which is being infused by His grace into the child. It does not matter what function she is performing, she can spiritually, mentally and physically remain in a state of prayer. It must be an act of the will to desire the child to grow with peace of heart and to have a generous disposition to love.

My heart was formed from My mother’s, directly infused to her from the Love of My Father. It was an act of will on her part to allow My Father’s grace to flow through her to me as I developed. Scientists and leaders in medicine today have not disclosed to what degree and level the baby can feel and hear and inherit personality traits. I am revealing to you with certainty that all babies are intimately interlocked to all the circumstances the mother is exposed, whether those be circumstances of sorrow, abuse, pain, indifference, loneliness, mental torments, fear, rejection, or joy, happiness, peace, tranquility and love. At what point does this commence? At the time of conception, little one. At that time when the human eye cannot visibly see human life.

Now commencing with our next session, I will reveal to you the Joy of the Father in My Birth, the event of My Birth, the horror of My stepfather, and the bliss of My mother to receive for the world its Emmanuel. Peace to you.