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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


30. More on Faith

“Jesus, my Son, down through the ages, with all the blessed prophets that God the Father gave to the world, their testimonies of faith proclaimed the Truth of the Good News. Each one testified to their faith in God. Faith, the great gift, proved to the peoples of Israel that nothing is impossible with God. Those who chose wicked ways and committed evil sins did not live by faith and trust in God.”

I stared at My mother, starry-eyed, taken by her melodic tone of voice and captivating teaching skills. We were sitting across from one another. I was propped up tall, sitting at the edge of my stool. She was sitting across from Me with her hands on her lap leaning towards Me.

“What does faith entail?” I asked.

“Faith is to believe and trust in God’s Love for you. It is the Fountain of Life where you see the Light of God. Those who choose evil have no fear of God. They have no repugnance for sin. But those who are children of God take refuge in His words and live in the ways of kindness. No one, Son, can ever be made right in God’s sight at this point until He declares us ‘not guilty’.”

“I will change that, momma. I will take away their sins, no matter who they are or what they have done. I will free them in my kindness, and their faith will be their means of being saved. They will be ‘not guilty’.”

“Yes, Son, the punishment you will accept for the sins of mankind will silence God’s anger. Faith is one of the most important virtues and gifts from God. It was faith that saved all the prophets. Look at Abraham, for example. Was it his good deeds that so pleased God and made him not guilty, or was it his faith in God? He believed and trusted God. He knew he did not earn his right to be with God, but that God had given him the gift to be free and saved. All who will have faith in God will be saved.”

“You can add all who will have faith in Me, momma, will be saved. But what about the laws, momma?”

“Jesus, Abraham our spiritual father was saved and found favor with God through his faith alone. God created him and gifted him with His blessings before he became a Jew by the Jewish traditions and laws. The reason that Abraham was promised the descendants of the earth was because He trusted what God told him would happen. He trusted in God’s promise, and God made Abraham the father of many nations.

“God’s blessing of faith is a free gift. Now let us rejoice in this wonderful Truth of God. Regardless of whether you follow all the customs and keep all the laws, if you have faith like Abraham, you will receive the promises of God.”

I got up and hugged My mother. I wrapped My arms around her neck and said, “I like the way you teach me. You get a big kiss for that!” Then I gave her a big kiss on the cheek. We both smiled and laughed as we looked at each other. She stood up, and I ran outside to play.