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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


4. My Birth

At the time of My birth, little child, there were myriads of angels rejoicing and surrounding My stepfather and My mother. They escorted them to the humble manger prepared by My stepfather. Slightly disappointed by the accommodations in which the Savior of the world was to enter the world, My mother, in all her humility and innocence, resigned that the Father had willed that my entrance would be in a manger, and made the best of her surroundings and preparations for My comfort.

Then came the time for Me to leave the warmth and security of the pure, Immaculate womb of the woman whom all generations would call Blessed. The trumpets sounded, and in the silence of the night, enveloped in a Divine Light from heaven, Mary, wife of Joseph from the House of David, gave birth without trouble or distress to your Jesus, Savior and King of salvation, your Emmanuel. She did not lose her Immaculate virginity. Joseph, in respecting the privacy of this moment went to retrieve assistance from a servant at an Inn to attend to My Mother’s needs, not aware that this birth would be completed by his return and that the angels from above would attend to this humble handmaid of the Lord.

Yes, Mary was alone; yet she was accompanied by myriads of angels who protected her and assisted her needs. By the time My stepfather returned, alone and frustrated from not being able to find assistance; there I laid, cradled in a bed of straw, nestled in the warmth of My Mother’s arms, surrounded by invisible angels whom even my stepfather was unable to see. The animals gathered, the shepherds received their callings in their hearts, and the three kings from a far set out to seek the Savior.

Many people wonder and ask questions regarding My birth. Let us address some of these questions. How could Mary retain her virginity if she gave birth? She maintained her virginity because she had no relations with any man. She maintained her purity because she was Immaculate. It was the Holy Spirit who breathed upon her, with her fiat, to be with child. The act by man had no part in her pregnancy.

I am pure. I came into the world pure without sin. The only way I could come as man into the world without the stain of sin was to be born from a woman whose blood was not tainted by sin, but was pure and Immaculate. I was Divine; and to come into the world and take a human form in all ways but sin, I had to be born of a human who through the Hand of the Father would be created Immaculate and sinless. Mary never lost her virginity because she never had any sexual relationship with a man. She conceived through the Power of the Holy Spirit. All things are possible with God.

Then you ask: Does this make Mary divine? No, Mary was human. She was created Immaculate so that I could be born into the world, human in all ways except sin; but she was not exempt from any other aspect of human life, and she is not God. You cannot say that Mary is not a role model for women because she did feel pain, anguish, frustrations, sorrows, grief, humiliation, joy and happiness. She experienced every human emotion. She was simply created Immaculate; and through her humble “yes”, I was allowed entrance into the world to carry the weight of the world and free everyone from death and the powers of evil.

Did God the Father communicate with Mary? Yes, as He did with many of the prophets before her and continues now. Even My stepfather listened to His communication through his dreams and promptings from the Holy Spirit. The Father did not relay to her that she was chosen to be the Mother of God. He simply revealed to her that the Savior was forthcoming.

Her reply was to be able to be a servant of the woman so blessed to bear the Son of God. She did not ask whom it would be. It was only when the Archangel Gabriel revealed it to her that she became aware of it and graciously received the Gift of the Holy Spirit as her Spouse. The act of the conception was through the Holy Spirit, and the act of birth was through the Holy Spirit. It began and was finished through the Holy Spirit.

As many women today give birth without trouble, so did My mother; and the angels were sent by My Father to attend her. She felt pain as all women feel pain. When she faced birth, at the same moment she also faced death because Life was coming into the world to slay death.

Was she afraid? Yes, as with any mother, fear of the unknown passed by; but her hope and faith in God above humbled her to accept and trust all that God had planned for her in the future.

Was she concerned for her husband, his thoughts and the provisions for the Savior? Yes, every human emotion was present and concurred through her continuous fiat. Be it done unto me as you say!

What did my stepfather say when he saw Me? In awe he humbled himself as my innocence, radiance and omnipotence enveloped him in My Love. He knew the Truth and desired to protect the Gift from Heaven from all harm. As his eyes welled up with tears, he bowed graciously to the humble handmaid in humility, as her simplicity, beauty and radiant purity inebriated him. That is how from Heaven above I was born, your Savior for all the world, for all eternity, never to be separated again as once in the Garden of Eden.