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The Hidden Life of Our Lord as told to Gianna Sullivan


By Our Lord Jesus Christ
Gianna Talone Sullivan


7. My Presentation in the Temple

My dear little child, let us now commence with the Presentation in the Holy Temple.

The shepherds assisted My father in finding a humble home in the area of Bethlehem. For two months the shepherds came to rest their eyes on Me, paying tribute to their Savior with songs of praise and adoration. They introduced My father Joseph to the merchants in the market place where he could make his livelihood, trading in the field of carpentry.

During this time period, in a far away land, the 3 Magi rested their eyes on a new star in the heavens. An unidentified star, when decoded, revealed the Messiah. The announcement of the Savior of the world was secretly presented in the stars of the sky. At this time each Wise Man, unknown to each other in different lands, decoded the message from Heaven and gathered their belongings to seek out the Messiah in what would be a long journey. They each brought their own servants to attend to their own animals and belongings. Unknown to them was the fact that they would all gather and meet beyond the Dead Sea and join together in their quest.

As the Wise Men were making their journey, it was time for My father and mother to make their journey to Jerusalem for My formal Presentation in the Holy Temple. The trip was not an easy one, long winding roads and an uncomfortable ride on a donkey for My mother who desired comfort for her new young babe of 4 months. As they neared Jerusalem, the passage became more crowded and there were more frequent jerking stops by the donkey. None the less, with peace and tranquility in their hearts, the eyes of the Holy Family gazed upon the gates of Jerusalem and they entered.

My father found a place to keep the donkey and My mother dismounted with Me cradled in her arms. She purchased 2 white turtle doves from the merchants along with My father. They went to the magnificent Holy Temple and proceeded to climb the stairway. As they entered, they were directed to the High Priest who gazed on My omnipotence, and who, in order to examine Me, unwrapped my clothing. In splendor and praise, He raised Me up to the Heavenly Father with both of his arms extended high toward the heavens, He prayed aloud as My mother was filled with tears of joy and My father filled with ecstatic happiness. The priest blessed the Holy Family and accepted the proper gift on behalf of the judicial law. It was done!

Upon leaving the Temple, a man of age named Simeon approached My mother and asked her if he could rest his eyes on her beloved One. Upon doing this, His eyes were opened; and the Holy Spirit filled his tongue with wisdom and praise. In his old age, he now could rest in peace because he had seen the Savior of the world. But then, Wisdom continued to speak through him and he said, “He will be the rising and falling of many, and that a sword shall pierce your heart too”; O’ the words of sorrow indicating My future. My mother desired Me to be honored, although she knew already the sorrow to come forth upon the Savior; but in her humility, she bowed her head in silence as tears welled up in her eyes to think of her beloved One, her gentle, innocent, pure Babe, having to bear the sorrow of the world. My father looked on in awe and somewhat troubled when he heard those words prayed for My mother and was filled with sorrow.

But then came the prophet Anna who revealed to them the great Mercy of God the Father. In His Love He would bestow on my Mother the grace to endure the pain and hardships, and that she would be the greatest among women for all creation. In silence did My Mother Mary respond, accepting in all gentleness all the words with great humility.

My stepfather gathered us together and slowly did we proceed back to the shed where our donkey rested, where we once again mounted it and made our return home to Bethlehem.

This ends, dear one, the Presentation. Just note one thing here. It only takes one single glance upon the Savior to change a person for all eternity. Simeon waited years for a moment’s glance. One breath from heaven, and goodness is restored. Mercy from Heaven, Mercy has arrived!